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JASMINE's THOUGHTS on Infinitely Gilded by J. Woods

New Adult Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance
Gilded Feathers Series, #4
Publish Date:
December 19, 2013

What if everything you thought to be true... wasn't?

After a year of perishing in a desolating inferno, Cole Evans is surprised when her senses develop an intrigue for the savagely mysterious Dash. Determined to uncover the secrets hidden in the dark depths of his entrancing eyes, Cole finds herself torn between guilt and temptation. Her wandering soul fights relentlessly for answers only to find the darkest one of all followed by a series of extraordinary events. Unraveling with devastating and profound realities at the hear of danger, Cole's fate is illuminated by an altering course where fears and dreams, loss and love converge into a symphony of spectacular - infinitely gilded.



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**About the Author**
J. Woods is a Toronto based writer, mother, and non-conformist. She lives between the space of her green tea and humming laptop when she isn’t chasing after her free spirited daughter. She has studied too many things to count including radio broadcasting and entrepreneurship. Grasping at sanity, she realized writing stories about her insane thoughts was easier than explaining them to a doctor. Not to mention cheaper.

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***My Thoughts**

Note: This review contains no spoilers

Infinitely Gilded is the exciting and touching conclusion to the Gilded Feathers series! From the beginning of the series to this gripping conclusion, I was on a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotions as Cole went from shy, introverted college student to a confident, strong graduate! I definitely had tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of guilt, tears of loneliness...I can go on and on with various emotions...after reading each chapter. 

J. Woods had me grieving, laughing and falling in love again with her in depth description of Cole and all her friends emotional and physical turmoil that they endured. Moreover, her incredible world building skills had me visualizing these alien worlds that can only be described as mystical and fantastical! I loved every detailed description of the land, animals and people she created!

In the synopsis alone gives you an idea of how much and what Cole has been through and continues to go through until the truth is revealed. There were so many twists and turns to the plot that it was a mystery begging to be solved. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series! I absolutely enjoyed the laughs, the cries, the pain, the love, the heartache, the falling in love and the adventure that the Gilded Feathers series has taken me in all four books! I ended this series with tears in my eyes, a smile on my face...and a big sigh of fulfillment for Cole and Dash (Drex).

My rating:

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