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AUDIOBOOK TOUR: The Synesthete by S. L. Michaels

Welcome to the Official Audiobook Tour for S.L. Michaels's YA Contemporary Romance, The Synesthete. Narrated by Loganne Digma and Jackson Lawrie. Today, on our tour stop, we will kick off this tour with a spotlight on the author and novel with an exclusive audio excerpt. So... Be sure to check it out and start listening now! Follow the tour, HERE.

Young Adult
Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:
April 19, 2022
Audiobook Release Date:
March 30, 2022
7 hours and 21 minutes
S.L. Michaels

Narrated by:
Loganne Digma & Jackson Lawrie

It wasn't supposed to be this way....

For Alina LaRosa, what was supposed to be the start of a glorious new life at a new life at Ravenswood Academy quickly spirals into a disaster. Bullies, rich arrogant guys, and to top it off, she discovers she's homeless!

With no one to turn to and no where to go, until who should offer a helping hand but her teacher...Mister Thorburn.

To Nicolai Thorburn, Alina LaRosa was supposed to be just another student, but time spent living together caused his "professional " fa├žade to crumble...and one fateful day, in his sunset-drenched classroom, a very dangerous emotion is born. But how long can one man turn a blind eye to his heart?

Can you keep a secret?


*Audio Excerpt*


**About the Author**
Hey, hey, hey, I'm S.L. Michaels, and I wrote The Synesthete.

Growing up in the 90's, I loved reading. Taking trips to the library was better than going to Disney World.  My favorite books were the entire series of The Classics of Wishbone. Frankenstein and The Odyssey, Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, and The Babysitters Club Little Sister Series.

After a tragic breakup in 2011, I turned to writing when a night-in with my family watching the movie Inception motivated me to write. Inspired, I took to writing Inception Fanfiction and from there my passion for writing has only continued to grow.

I love story telling. I love crafting new ways for a couple to get together, what are their obstacles going to be, and how are they going to overcome those obstacles so that they can be together.

I live a quiet life in the forests of Northeast Florida, with my four-old-son.  Nothing means more to me than my family and I cherishes every moment spent with them.

 You can find me on YouTube at my channel 'write on'.

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**About the Narrators**
Loganne Digma is a passionate voice actor, director, and singer based in Orlando, Florida.

Starting at the young age of 13, Loganne found herself interested in the art of voiceover and began pursuing it as a hobby throughout various forms of media on social platforms. After voicing in an animated web series named "Twelve", she went on to audition for other indie projects ranging from animated films to audiobooks.

It wasn't until the age of 15 when she decided she wanted to continue voice acting as a career path. With 2 years of experience and projects now under her belt, she began researching a proper studio setup, equipment, and spent more time developing and harnessing her skills. On top of building her acting capabilities, she took an interest in audio engineering and video editing which soon grew to support her financially as a part-time job.

She's the director of an online dubbing studio named "Helvetica Dubs" that has received millions of views. Through this studio, she was able to even further develop her voice acting skills and gain additional experience from voicing in her own projects. Furthermore, she has expanded her skills into producing content as a WEBTOON Ambassador.

Loganne continues her training and practice in acting by taking remote classes and workshops that dive even deeper into the art of voiceover. Through these classes, she has further developed her skills and booked roles in video games and animated projects.

She attends the University of Central Florida for a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Studies with a minor in Marketing.

One of the biggest takeaways Loganne has gained in her journey as an actor and producer is that age does not limit one's talents. As long as you have the passion, enthusiasm, persistence, and drive, anyone can accomplish their goals.

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Jackson Lawrie
It's been quite the journey since I started back in 2015, and I feel as if I've grown so very much since those days of old. I have had the wonderful opportunity to have met and befriended so many amazing people through my involvement in the voice acting/animation community on YouTube and otherwise, and truly it has been a grand ride! To those out there feeling depressed, lost, or oppressed, I ask you to stay strong and challenge you to find your passions in life, to feed off of them and use them to give yourself a greater purpose in the tough world that we live in. 

I have found my passions through my struggles,  and through hope, and I desire to develop them into something grand. I enjoy participating in stories in any way that I can, and so voiceover has been a great outlet for me to thrive. I thank all who watch and enjoy my content for what it is, and will do my best to give flavor to any projects I have the blessing to be a part of! 

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BOOK BLITZ: One for the Money by Skye Warren

Today, we have a Book Blitz to kick off for New York Times Bestselling Author Skye Warren's One for the Money. To celebrate this new release, we have teaser AND a blitz-wide giveaway to share! So... Be sure to check it out and download our copy now!

Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:
May 31, 2022

Finn Hughes knows about secrets. His family is as wealthy as the Rockefellers. And as powerful as the Kennedys. No one knows that the men in his line have a debilitating, early-onset illness. He’s managed the business from a young age while his father served as the figurehead. All the while knowing there’s a ticking clock on his ability to lead.

Eva Morelli is the oldest daughter. The responsible one. The caring one. The one who doesn’t have time for her own interests.

Especially not her interest in the charismatic, mysterious Finn Hughes.

A fake relationship is the answer to both their problems. It will keep the swarming society mothers from throwing their daughters at him. And it will keep Eva’s mother from bothering her about marriage.

Then the fake relationship starts to feel real.

But there’s no chance for them. No hope for a woman who’s had her heart broken. And no future for a man whose fate was decided long ago.



**About the Author**
Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance. Her books have sold over one million copies. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.

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***The Giveaway***

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- ends June 9, 2022
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