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BOOK BLITZ: Witches and Walk-In's by Tammy Tyree


Today, we have a Book Blitz to share celebrating the new release of Award-winning Author Tammy Tyree's Witches and Walk-In's, book 1 in the Castle Point Witch series. To celebrate her latest book, we have an exclusive excerpt AND a blitz-wide giveaway to share! So... Be sure to check it out and start the series NOW!

Paranormal/Fantasy Thriller
Castle Point Witch, #1
Publish Date:
April 28, 2023
Shale Empire Press

Betty Burke has just awakened from a long coma, but there’s a problem; she’s not Betty.

Whip-smart Hypnotherapist Alexandra Heale leads a double life. A natural-born witch, she lives under a death sentence, with a cauldron full of secrets.

When she tries to help Betty; a woman possessed by a traumatized spirit, Alex finds herself under attack – and in danger of being exposed.

Against her better judgment, she enlists the help of Deputy Sheriff Blake Sheraton, a man she’s sworn to hate, with dark secrets of his own – if only he could keep her secrets and ignore his pledge to uphold an evil law.

The paranormal world of demons & spirits is about to descend on peaceful Castle Point, and only one witch can stop the unthinkable.

Even if it costs her life.



I didn’t recognize the fingers attached to hands that also looked incredibly unfamiliar. I glanced at my other hand, somehow thinking perhaps it would be different, but it wasn’t. I had never seen these hands before, nor the arms attached. My skin was sallow, but also loose, wrinkled, and saggy. I rested my eyes, then opened them and glanced at my hands again.

No change, and definitely not mine.

I felt certain about it.

Which meant that things just got weirder.

I noticed a heavy weight on my chest, but, peering down, the only thing I saw was a rather large hump in my hospital gown….ohhhhh.

I had big boobies.


Just then, a tall, slender man entered the room. His gray hair, slightly mussed and off to one side, glasses barely resting on the tip of his nose, and the white coat he was wearing was miss-buttoned and floating behind him as he rushed in. There was a hunch in his shoulders and a slight limp in his step that revealed the wear and tear of his age. 

This must be the Doc Holloway, that pink puppy bitch nurse told Copper Penny to call. He spoke quickly and quietly to both nurses before turning his attention to me. He smiled a robust, wide smile.

I was instantly annoyed.

“Welcome back, Betty! You’ve been with us for quite some time! Can you try to speak? Maybe even a whisper? Do you know where you are? You were in an accident nine months ago. Do you remember?”

The doc’s rapid-fire quiz made me feel like retreating under the covers if I could only move my heavy, saggy arms to pull the covers over my face. 

The assault on my senses continued when he clicked on his penlight, pulled at my eyelids, and checked for pupil dilation. I blinked in rapid succession, eyes tearing up and overflowing onto my cheeks once again.

This man I didn’t like, I decided.

I glared at him, or at least I glared in his direction, as bright white dots floated across my vision.

Doc Holloway stood back, waiting for me to speak, but I took a few minutes to focus on his face and then on the nurses and around the room, moving my head slightly. 

I felt like a circus animal in a cage.

Wait, had I ever been to a circus to see caged animals?

I assumed I must have, since I suddenly felt like one.

'Everyone look at the freak who just woke up from a coma! Praise be! Oh, and by the way; her name is Betty!'

Except it wasn’t, was it?

I took another look at the three expectant faces awaiting me to perform my next miracle. Then I focused in on Doc Holloway and wet my lips, preparing to speak. 

My saliva tasted like blood and bile. I felt a wrenching swelling from deep inside me but I swallowed it down and took a ragged breath. 

Doc Holloway leaned in slightly as I parted my lips to speak. My voice, merely a raspy whisper after what I now understood was months of hibernation, announced what I was suddenly very sure of.

“I’m not Betty.”


Castle Point Witch series:
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**About the Author**
Demons, witches and ghosts - oh my!

Tammy Tyree (she/her) writes about what she knows - ghosts, hauntings, entities, witches, demonology and the paranormal!

A Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tammy infuses; tales from her actual case files of demonic possession and entity attachment with her knowledge of ancient demonic lore and witchcraft into artfully woven fiction and memoir.

Her upcoming 'Castle Point Witch Series' is due to release in early 2023 and promises to be full of paranormal goodness.

Her memoir 'Dead Men Still Snore' is a page-turning, award-winning true story of love, loss and channeling her husband's messages from the other side. 

Visit for more info about Tammy, her work and to receive updates for future books!

Happy reading!

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Friday, April 28, 2023

PRE-ORDER BLITZ: The Royal Gauntlet by Nicole Sanchez

Today, we have a Pre-order Blitz to share for author Nicole Sanchez's The Royal Gauntlet, the third book and epic finale to the Game of Gods series! We are thrilled to reveal the synopsis for the final book in the Game of Gods series! So... Be sure to check it out and pre-order your copy NOW! Start the series TODAY!

New Adult/Adult
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Game of Gods, #3
Publish Date:
May 13, 2023

I need no shelter from the storm.


As the newly returned Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, Daphne should be focused on fixing her kingdom, not battling the rogue Fate who's been manipulating all their lives. But Posey has the mortal and immortal realms trembling in her grasp, and chaos reigns supreme.

Freed from her murderer’s chokehold, Daphne has finally reunited with her beloved husband, Essos, the King of the Dead. As the worlds around them fall apart, Daphne must protect the child growing inside her. The Queen and King of the Underworld have everything to fight for and everything to lose. Loyal gods and goddesses flock to their side, prepared to use all their power to fight fate itself.

It may not be enough.

Fighting Posey on multiple fronts in the mortal realm, Solarem, and the Underworld has them spread thin. As shocking secrets come to light, friends turn foe, and immortality itself comes into question, Daphne must decide just how much–or who–she’s willing to sacrifice in an endgame that no one may win.



Game of Gods series:
(covers link to Goodreads)

***FREE on Kindle Unlimited***


**About the Author**
Nicole Sanchez has been writing stories on any scrap of paper she could get her hands since before middle school. She lives in New Jersey with her high school sweetheart and love of her life along with their two quirky cats. When she isn't writing or wielding the Force, she can be found traveling the world with her husband or training for her next RunDisney Event.

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