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BLOG TOUR: Everything I Love by A.K. Evans

Today, we are participating on the Official Blog Tour for A.K. Evans' Everything I Love, the fourth book in the Everything series!!! On our tour stop, we have an exclusive excerpt AND an awesome tour-wide giveaway to share! So... Check it out and grab your copy now!!!

New Adult
Contemporary Romance
Everything, #4
Publish Date:
March 27, 2018

Nikki Drake was just nine years old when she experienced her first heartbreak.  Sixteen years and many betrayals later, she’s learned that life is what you make of it.  Needing to leave the poison behind, Nikki joins her best friends and moves from the warm, sunny beaches of California to the cold, snowy mountains of Wyoming.  She’s a loving and faithful friend who’s built a successful career despite the disappointments she’s experienced.  While her past hasn’t stopped her from working hard and becoming a genuine and confident woman, it has affected one small part of her.  Nikki refuses to give her heart to anyone ever again.

Luke Townsend is a man most women dream about.  Underneath his tall, handsome exterior he’s charming, compassionate, sensitive, and loyal.  A dedicated snowboarder, Luke knows what it means to work hard for what he wants.  And what Luke wants is Nikki.

When Luke tells Nikki he’s fallen in love with her, she’s devastated to think she’s going to hurt him the same way others have hurt her.  Having resolved to live a life without romantic love, Nikki rejects Luke.  Luke can sense that she needs some time so he walks away, vowing to find a way to win her heart.

Three months after she pushed him away, Nikki decides to take a chance on Luke.  He is patient and understanding while she struggles to allow herself to be vulnerable with him and to find the courage to trust he won’t hurt her.  But when Nikki finally hands her heart over to him, Luke shatters her world with the truth.


“Do you want to tell me why you just kissed my hand?”
“You’ve made it possible to dream again,” I answered honestly.
I took in a deep breath and blew it out.  “Explaining that would require getting into things I would prefer to not get into before I have to go to work.  That’s mostly because if I do I’ll be in no shape to touch the hair on anybody’s head today.”
“So, we’ll talk after work then.  What time do you finish tonight?”
He was so matter-of-fact about it.  
“Do you have other plans?”
I shook my head and explained, “No, I just didn’t realize you were planning to get together tonight, that’s all.  I mean, we spent Saturday night, all day yesterday, and last night with each other.”
“Are you sick of me?”
“Not at all.”
Luke’s hand that had been resting on my chest came up to cup the side of my face.  “Nikki, we lost a lot of time with each other this summer. I know it’s what you needed to get you here, but now that I’ve got you, I’m not real fond of being away from you.  Training is going to start soon for me. The Olympics are this season, which means I’ll be putting in a lot of hours training. I’d like to spend as much time as I can with you right now.  There’s a lot I don’t know about you that I’m looking forward to learning.”
“I’m sorry about this summer,” I lamented.  “I’m sorry I wasted that time.”
“It wasn’t a waste, babe.  Not if it ultimately put you right where you are now.”
I turned to my side so that I was facing him.  Once there, I pressed a soft kiss to the skin over his heart.  God, he was such a good man.
“Does that mean you’ll give me tonight?” his voice was hopeful.
“My place or yours?” I wondered.
“Whichever you prefer.  It doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m with you.”
I thought on it a minute and concluded, “My place.  I want my bedsheets to smell like you.”
“If that’s what you want, that’s what I’ll give you,” he assured me.  “All I’m going to ask is that you try to give me something new tonight.  If that means telling me why you ever stopped dreaming and why you’re dreaming again, I’d be a very happy man.  I want to know why you stopped dreaming.”
I felt it was necessary to forewarn him.  “It might not be nice stuff to hear.”
“I need to know, Nikki.  I won’t push you for all of it before you’re ready, but eventually, I want it all.”
“How can I make your dreams come true if I don’t know what they are?”


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**About the Author**
A.K. Evans is a married mother of two boys residing in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania. After graduating from Lafayette College in 2004 with two degrees (one in English and one in Economics & Business), she pursued a career in the insurance and financial services industry. Not long after, Evans realized the career was not for her. She went on to manage her husband's performance automotive business and drive the shop race cars for the next thirteen years. While the business afforded her freedoms she wouldn't necessarily have had in a typical 9-5 job, after eleven years she was no longer receiving personal fulfillment from her chosen career path. Following many discussions, lots of thought, and tons of encouragement, Andrea decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.

Between her day job, writing, and homeschooling her two boys, Evans is left with very little free time. When she finds scraps of spare time, she enjoys reading, doing yoga, watching NY Rangers hockey, dancing, and vacationing with her family. Andrea, her husband, and her children are currently working on taking road trips to visit all 50 states (though, Alaska and Hawaii might require flights).

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RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Angel of Song by L.L. Hunter

Today, we are celebrating the release of L.L. Hunter's Angel of Song, the second title in the Angels of London series! A spin-off of The Legend of the Archangel series and The Eden ChroniclesCheck it out and grab your copy now!!!!

Young Adult
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Urban Fantasy
Angels of London, #2
Publish Date:
March 31, 2018

Cover Designed by:

After failing to stop Samson and his demon army from taking over the world, Gabe, Melody and their friends know they have another battle on their hands. Trying to hold back the wave of demon souls has taken its toll on Gabe. While being forced to rest and recover, he and Melody grow closer. During an intimate training session at a safe haven, Gabe and Melody cross paths with someone from Gabe’s past.

But, when the meeting goes horribly wrong, and Gabe is kidnapped, Melody begins to doubt her abilities as a guardian angel.

She must learn to forgive herself if she is to save Gabe.

In the second installment of the Angels of London series, Melody needs to find herself before she can find Gabe.

After all, she never expected to fall for her assignment.

Will loving him mean she’ll have to sacrifice everything?



Sequel to:
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**About the Author**
L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel series and The Garden of Eden. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. She has been writing since her teens - everything from fan fiction, to sing lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her "fur babies."

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