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COVER REVEAL: An Ember in the Dark by Samantha Raffles & Ashley Lepak

Today, we have a Cover Reveal for An Ember in the Dark by Samantha Raffles and Ashley Lepak. So... Be sure to check out that alluring cover and add this to your TBR list on Goodreads! Pre-order your copy now!

New Adult
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Publish Date:
March 28, 2022

Raena never felt like she belonged, an orphan in every way. She spent her days on the banks of a lake in her favorite forrest reading tarot cards and her nights alone. She burned to feel alive.

Emrys, the would be king, was always on the outside, where he liked it. But, there was somewhere else he liked more, the human realm. As a fae prince from Elysian, it was off limits to him. Which made going there much more fun.

When a trip to the human realm reveals to Emrys much more than he bargained for, will he make the right choice, or the wrong one?

Will Raena ever find out who she really is?

Together Raena and Emrys navigate through an adventure of danger and lust, as they solve the mystery of her true identity.



**About the Authors**
My name is Samantha Raffles and I write spicy books for spicy people. That means, if you are looking for a romance author who brings the heat you have come to the right place! You can find anything from dark romance to fantasy romance!

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My name is Ashley Lepak, and I’m an aspiring author! I use to write for fun in high school as a hobby, and never thought it’d amount to anything. I’m so excited and proud to be starting on this new journey!

I love anything fantasy and romance. (And doctor who) I’m a cat mom. 

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COVER REVEAL: The Magi Manifesto by Kale Lawrence

Today, we are excited to share this Cover Reveal for Kale Lawrence's The Magi Manifesto, the second installment in the The Magi Menagerie series. So... Be sure to check out that gorgeous cover and add this to your TBR list.

Young Adult/New Adult
Historical Fantasy
The Magi Menagerie, #2
Publish Date:
December 13, 2021
EnchantFire Books

After the true power of the Tablet of Destinies is revealed, Ezra grapples with the horrors of the night that changed everything. Haunted by the monster who claimed his father’s life, Ezra is determined to see his promise through and become a Magus. But when the Third Order of the Magi have him arrested for crimes he has yet to commit, Ezra is willing to do whatever it takes to prove himself, even if it means going after the very force that terrorises his dreams.

But there’s more at stake than the Magi realise and major risks must be taken to settle the score. Desperate to stop the Legerdemain Brotherhood from claiming infinite power, Jonas must lead a team into the heart of enemy territory and dismantle the Brotherhood from the inside. Can Ezra and Jonas successfully stop the Legerdemain from ushering in a new era of terror? Or will yet another unlikely foe rise from the deep?


The Magi Menagerie series:
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**About the Author**
Photo Credit: Maddie Peschong Photography
Since the early age of 6, Kale Lawrence knew she either wanted to be an astronaut or an author. Obviously, the astronaut gig didn’t work out, so instead, Kale turned to fantastic fictional worlds. When Kale is not writing creatively, she works as a Marketing Manager at a pet product company, and pretends she’s an Olympic swimmer at the gym. She has also served as a board member for the South Dakota Writes organization.

In addition to books, Kale’s writing has been featured on nationwide PBS television programming, NBC newscasts, ABC newscasts, and the Travel Channel.

Kale currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with her feisty tortoiseshell calico cat, Emma Bug and sassy Siamese, Seattle Bean.

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