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BLOG TOUR: The Final Play by Amie Knight

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Romance Author Amie Knight's The Final Play, an all-new enemies-to-lovers sports romance and the third standalone installment in the Summerville Sports series! Today, on our tour stop, we have promo featuring an exclusive excerpt.  So... Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now!

New Adult
Sports Romance
Summerville Sports, #3
Publish Date:
February 3, 2022

The Final Play isn’t always the end. Sometimes, it’s the beginning of something far more beautiful.

As a professional linebacker, I lived and breathed football. 
The only thing I loved as much as the game was my twin brother, Max, who kept me almost as busy cleaning up his messes. 
The most recent of which landed him behind bars.

So, it shouldn’t have surprised me when a beautiful woman showed up on my doorstep, claiming to be pregnant with Max’s baby. 

Glory was unexpected, infuriating, and flat-out crazy most of the time.
But no matter how hard I tried to deny it, that tiny spitfire slammed into my boring life with the strength of a Category 5 hurricane, blowing through my defenses until she’d carved her name in my heart—permanently.

I feared we would never work. She was a single mom, my brother’s ex, and one more chance for me to fail yet another person I loved. 

But if football was my church, then Glory was my heaven.



He was the best man I’d ever known and I couldn’t have him. I probably didn’t deserve him, anyway. 

Tears flooded my eyes and I paid the cashier as fast as possible before practically running behind the buggy to get to my car. I loaded the groceries, tears trailing my cheeks. 

I didn’t even bother to wipe them away. This whole situation was sad. It deserved my tears. Every damn one of them. Because Mason and Glory could never be.

 It would be weird and wrong. What the hell would we even tell people? How would we explain? And how would Max feel? I had a feeling it wasn’t good at all. 

I climbed into the front seat of my car and held on to my steering wheel for dear life. And sobbed. And then when I was done sobbing , I beat the shit out of that steering wheel and then the dashboard. 

Because life wasn’t fair. It just fucking wasn’t and again and again it just kept throwing me punch after punch. How long was I supposed to still stay standing?

 I felt like this might be the final punch and it was a knockout. Because I had a feeling that Mason Stark was my person. And I couldn’t even have him.


Summerville Sports series:
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**About the Author**
Amie Knight has been a reader for as long as she could remember and a romance lover since she could get her hands on her momma's books. A dedicated wife and mother with a love of music and makeup, she won’t ever be seen leaving the house without her eyebrows and eyelashes done just right. When she isn't reading and writing, you can catch her jamming out in the car with her two kids to '90s R&B, country, and showtunes. Amie draws inspiration from her childhood in Columbia, South Carolina, and can't imagine living anywhere other than the South.

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