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BLOG TOUR: Fly by T.A. Foster

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Fly by T.A. Foster!

New Adult Romance
Publish Date:
August 28, 2014

Not everyone’s good at one-night stands.

Skye Stephens has the worst day of her professional career, and all she wants to do is shed her power suit and get lost in the sheets with the hot guy she met at the bar. The problem is, this uptight ad exec doesn’t know how to do one-night stands. She has strict rules about dating and when to let a man in her bedroom.

Fighter pilot Ben “Bolt” Hardcastle is used to lovin’ and leavin’. But, after he meets Skye, one night doesn’t seem to be enough.

When these two crash-land into each other, a connection strong enough to make the loner pilot and the sexy businesswoman shed their rules about love and relationships begins to burn deeper than either of them ever expected.


Skye held up a pink shirt. No, too bright. She dug into her drawer for another one. She pressed a light blue tank top against her chest. This one might work. She brushed her teeth and dabbed on a pinch of blush. She checked her reflection in the mirror. Was she actually going through with this? True, now she knew the guy had a name, and he wasn’t a doctor or a pharmaceutical sales rep. It was far worse—he was in the military. She kicked herself for not putting the pieces together sooner. But what was there to assemble? It was supposed to be a one-night stand. A botched one, but nonetheless she wasn’t going to forget last night any time soon. Just the way he looked at her made her catch her breath. He was too good-looking. Men like that didn’t appear out of thin air.
She stepped into a pair of black wedges and grabbed a jacket from her closet. No matter how warm and sunny the days were, San Diego nights were always chilly. She ran her fingers through her hair again to shake out the bun she had clipped on top when she was working.
It was hard to ignore the fact that he had caught her home alone on a Saturday night with nothing to keep her company but spreadsheets. The spritz she used on her hair, might hold, but he said something about going to Pacific Beach, or PB as all the locals called it. Beach breezes would blow this to pieces. She gave up and headed for the door.
Although her hand was on the knob, she couldn’t quite muster the nerve to turn it. What if he was some kind of crazy stalker who picked up women at bars and was just waiting for his chance to chop her into tiny bits? She shook her head. That was a completely irrational thought. What if his only interest was getting her into bed? She chewed her lip again, gnawing off half her lipgloss. Of course, he was determined to get her in bed. She had given up all her cards last night by bringing him back to her apartment and getting naked in five seconds flat. There was still another option. She smiled as she pulled the door open. Ben Hardcastle was getting ready to have to prove if he was here for the right reasons. She was going to stick to the golden rule.


Shirtless young man with the shirt opened and sunglasses
kissing couple on the beach at sunset


**About the Author**
T.A. Foster is a Southern girl whose heart and spirit are connected to the beach. She grew up catching rays and chasing waves along the North Carolina Outer Banks and now resides in the state with her adventurous pilot husband, two children and two canine kiddos.

Her long love affair with books started at an early age, and as soon as she was able, she transformed imaginative stories into words on paper. Time Spell is T.A.’s debut novel, and the first in a series about a very adventurous, clever, and magical girl named Ivy.

T.A. has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University. When she’s not chasing her two-legged and four-legged children or trying to escape for date night, you can find her reading, writing or planning her next beach trip.

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BLOG TOUR: Thin Love by Eden Butler

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Thin Love by Eden Butler!

Follow the Blog Tour, HERE!

New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:
August 19, 2014
Cover Designed by:
Steven Novak @ Novak Illustration

Love isn't supposed to be an addiction. It isn't supposed to leave you bleeding. 

Kona pushed, Keira pulled, and in their wake, they left behind destruction. 

She sacrificed everything for him. 

It wasn't enough. 

But the wounds of the past can never be completely forgotten and still the flame remains, slumbers between the pleasure of yesterday and the thought of what might have been. 

Now, sixteen years later, Keira returns home to bury the mother who betrayed her, just as Kona tries to hold onto what remains of his NFL career with the New Orleans Steamers. Across the crowded bustle of a busy French Market, their paths collide, conjuring forgotten memories of a consuming touch, skin on skin, and the still smoldering fire that begs to be rekindled. 

When Kona realizes the trifecta of betrayal—his, Keira's and those lies told to keep them apart—his life is irrevocably changed and he once again takes Keira down with him into the fire that threatens to ignite them both.


Somewhere in their brief discussion, Keira noticed her fingers had moved from his temples to his thick hair. It happened absently, without her thinking about it, without his complaints. It took several moments before Keira realized they were staring at each other. There wasn’t anything significant in that moment, no weighted energy passing between them. There was only comfort and casualness and the curious thoughts they kept to themselves.

“Maybe Arthur’s love was too thick,” Kona said. “Or maybe Guinevere’s was. She was into them both—Arthur and Lancelot. Maybe she loved them both too much.”

“No, I don’t believe Guinevere loved either of them. With Arthur, it was power. With Lancelot it was lust. Both are thin love.”

“And thin love is bad?”

“That’s what Sethe tells Paul D, remember?”

Kona nodded, eyes shifted away from her face as he seemed held up by his own thoughts. “’Thin love ain’t love at all.’”


Kona’s gaze moved back to Keira, but he didn’t speak. The look he gave her expanded in the quiet of her room, stirred by his eyes growing darker, by the slow, constant rake of her fingers through his hair. He lifted his hand, stopping her fingers and held onto her wrist, eyes unblinking. Then something happened in that brief pause. The look they shared sharpened and the pull between them rose.

Kona sat up, slow, cautious and Keira watched him, watched unable to react, to respond, until Kona leaned toward her, until she could smell the drugging scent of his skin and feel the soft outline of his mouth. It was the pause of everything, a kindling of heat that Keira did not know how to contain—Kona’s soft lips against hers, his airy breath moving behind the hint of tongue—at once Keira felt drugged, controlled and manic.

Keira’s mouth worked against her will, a reaction, a gut feel of movement that she did not control and Kona seemed to love it, pulled her closer, guided her hands around his waist, up to that massive chest and Keira did not stop him.

She loved the sound of his throat vibrating, those low, delicious growls he made when her tongue touched his, when her mouth moved faster, harder. Before she realized what was happening, Kona leaned over her, had her caged against the pillows. Behind her closed eyes, Keira allowed only the sensations of touch and taste to filter into her mind and she knew, unconsciously, absolutely, that she wanted Kona Hale. She wanted his hands on her back, lowering; his mouth, tongue, down her neck nibbling. All that sensation, the fiery spark of their bodies connecting consumed her, made her feel drunk, wanted, beautiful. Cherished.

The sensation was overwhelming, consuming and Keira found she could not breathe, could not keep hold of her senses—the protective instinct to run from the sudden terror she felt.

She scrambled to her feet, stepping several paces away from Kona. “What are you doing?”

“Keira, if you don’t know—I mean, I get it, I do. You’re not used to attention, from guys. I get that.”

That’s what he thinks? That’s why he wants me?

She saw the hint of it in his eyes, that hungry scrutiny that told her it was the challenge to take her that had him wanting a taste of her. She felt like she had been doused with a bucket of ice water. She understood now. She got Kona’s interest in her and despite how disgusted it made her feel, Keira laughed.

“You think I’m a virgin, Kona?” When he only managed to look away from her, jaw clenching, Keira’s laughter grew, bubbled so that the sound was obnoxious and loud. “I might get nervous around guys, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been with anyone. And why are you changing the subject? You kissed me.” Keira chose to ignore the part where she had responded eagerly to his kiss. With Keira’s admission and her accusation, the large vein on Kona’s neck that stuck out when his temper flared was pumping against his dark skin like a drumbeat. “I told you this wasn’t a date.”

“I know that.”

“Then why did you kiss me?”

With one large hand rubbing the back of his neck, Kona made a strangled sound in the back of his throat. “Shit, Keira, there was a moment. Don’t pretend like you didn’t feel it. You did kiss me back. And don’t act like you didn’t feel it that night you were mugged.” He walked toward her and Keira found the room had grown smaller, that somehow she’d forgotten how large Kona was, how much space he took up. “There’s something going on between us and it’s got nothing to do with Legends or old musicals.” Kona stood in front of her and Keira wasn’t sure how she’d ended up with her back against the door and him looming over her, staring down at her like he was hungry, like he was hungry only for her.

She felt her pulse skidding against her neck, could feel that warmth that always radiated from Kona’s huge frame as he leaned toward her, as those enormous hand lay flat against the door, right next to her cheek.

“I never said there wasn’t something here.” She pushed back when he moved, eating up the small space between them. She fought the pull that threaded them together. It took strength. It took restraint she didn’t know she had, but Keira pushed against his chest to keep him off of her. “I also never said I was interested in finding out what that something is.”

“Bullshit.” Kona’s voice was thick and Keira didn’t like how smug he sounded. That sweet, contemplative boy from a few minutes ago was gone. Now only the entitled jackass remained and the attitude quickly reminded Keira why she’d been hesitant to be alone with him.

“No, it’s not bullshit.” Keira could feel her anger sharpen like a prick of needles against her stomach. It wasn’t the first time Kona had irritated her temper; just being near him seemed to invoke some sort of raw nerve that made her anger sharp and pulled swiftly to the surface. She hated his smirk and the stupid way his expression told her he thought she was being ridiculous. Condescending, her mother would call that look and that niggling voice echoed in her head, laid fuel on the simmering spark of her temper. “Why do you do that shit?” She pushed against his chest and he seemed caught, shocked by how high her voice had risen. “You’ve got this attitude like you know what I’m thinking. Like you think I’m seconds away from ripping your clothes off.” Keira pushed him again, but Kona didn’t budge and, to annoy her more, he smiled at her. She still managed to spit out, “I’m not. Trust me, I am so not.”

“You know, when you get pissed, you turn into a wildcat.”

“I have a temper, asshole.” Another push and Kona grabbed her wrist and held her hand against his chest.

“Why am I an asshole?”

Keira jerked back, trying to take a breath so that when she spoke again, her voice would be calm, even. “I’m not interested in you like that, Kona. The girls you’re with, I’m nothing like them. I don’t do hookups.”

The smile left his face and Keira could see his disappointment. She knew this was him; the casual attitude toward sex, the quick release, the heat, the passion, that was all he wanted. He wanted to touch, to taste. Kona didn’t want to feel and for Keira, that was all that mattered.

She had felt very little for so long. Her father’s death, her mother’s cruelty, it had left her vacant and open. She wanted that void to be filled, not just tapped off and quickly emptied again. She wanted the finish line, not the chase.

In that exasperated sigh and the quick eye roll, Keira knew Kona would never give her what she needed. “Well what the hell do you do?” Back again was the straight set of his shoulders, the defensive stance of a boy ready to fight.

“I don’t do thin love, Kona. I’ve seen what it does. I’ve seen how pathetic it is my whole life.” Keira caught a quick memory of her mother and stepfather from three weeks ago, sitting at the dining room table quietly taking their meal. They never looked at each other and in six years, Keira couldn’t remember them touching once. She was baring more of herself to Kona now, slipping him secrets she knew he’d only forget, but she wanted him to understand, to see what she needed. “I don’t want easy. I want the impossible. I want love so thick, I drown in it; it’s the only thing worth having and, I’m sorry Kona, you’re a nice guy when you’re not acting like an entitled jackass, but I really don’t think you’re capable of being anything more than that.”

Kona’s reaction was swift; a jerk back from her as though she’d leveled a quick fist into his stomach and he grabbed the doorknob. Keira saw the tension instantly return to his face. She guessed the headache had reemerged, that her words had erased any comfort her fingers had given him. But Kona didn’t complain, didn’t do more than open the door, funneling his anger away from her as he stared into the hallway.

“You don’t know me, Keira, and you don’t have a fucking clue what I’m capable of.”



**About the Author**
Eden Butler is an editor and writer of New Adult Romance and SciFi and Fantasy novels and the nine-times great-granddaughter of an honest-to-God English pirate. This could explain her affinity for rule breaking and rum. Her debut novel, a New Adult, Contemporary (no cliffie) Romance, “Chasing Serenity” launched in October 2013 and quickly became an Amazon bestseller.

When she’s not writing or wondering about her possibly Jack Sparrowesque ancestor, Eden edits, reads and spends way too much time watching rugby, Doctor Who and New Orleans Saints football. 

She is currently living under teenage rule alongside her husband in southeast Louisiana.

Please send help.

Stay connected with Eden Butler
Website | Newsletter


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BLOG TOUR: Gypsy by Trisha Leigh

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Gypsy, the first book in The Cavy Files Series, by Trisha Leigh!

Young Adult Paranormal/Science Fiction
Romantic Thriller
The Cavy Files, #1
Publish Date:
May 13, 2014

Inconsequential: not important or significant.
Synonyms: insignificant, unimportant, nonessential, irrelevant

In the world of genetic mutation, Gypsy’s talent of knowing a person’s age of death is considered a failure. Her peers, the other Cavies, have powers that range from curdling a blood still in the vein to being able to overhear a conversation taking place three miles away, but when they’re taken from the sanctuary where they grew up and forced into the real world, Gypsy, with her all-but-invisible gift, is the one with the advantage.

The only one who’s safe, if the world finds out what they can do.

When the Cavies are attacked and inoculated with an unidentified virus, that illusion is shattered. Whatever was attached to the virus causes their abilities to change. Grow. In some cases, to escape their control.

Gypsy dreamed of normal high school, normal friends, a normal life, for years. Instead, the Cavies are sucked under a sea of government intrigue, weaponized genetic mutation, and crushing secrets that will reframe everything they’ve ever been told about how their “talents” came to be in the first place.

When they find out one of their own has been appropriated by the government, mistreated and forced to run dangerous missions, their desire for information becomes a pressing need. With only a series of guesses about their origins, the path to the truth becomes quickly littered with friends, enemies, and in the end, the Cavies ability to trust anyone at all.



**About the Author**
Trisha Leigh is a product of the Midwest, which means it’s pop, not soda, garage sales, not tag sales, and you guys as opposed to y’all. Most of the time. She’s been writing seriously for five years now, and has published 4 young adult novels and 4 new adult novels (under her pen name Lyla Payne). Her favorite things, in no particular order, include: reading, Game of Thrones, Hershey’s kisses, reading, her dogs (Yoda and Jilly), summer, movies,  reading, Jude Law, coffee, and rewatching WB series from the 90’s-00’s.

Her family is made up of farmers and/or almost rock stars from Iowa, people who numerous, loud, full of love, and the kind of people that make the world better. Trisha tries her best to honor them, and the lessons they’ve taught, through characters and stories—made up, of course, but true enough in their way.

Trisha is the author of The Last Year series and the Whitman University books. She’s represented by Kathleen Rushall at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Stay connected with Trisha Leigh


*My Thoughts*

Note: This review contains NO spoilers

This was definitely a different read! Interesting enough to keep me reading. I found it to be a good start for the first book in a series about teens with unique, some even dangerous, abilities. I also enjoyed the storyline which included a good dose of mystery and suspense. However, I felt that the pace of the story was slow.

As the truths of who and what they are unravels, Gypsy and her friends have more questions that needs answers, especially when they find out that their "home" wasn't a "home" at all. Gypsy finds herself the "leader" of this group of finding answers that will reveal more about what they are. Gypsy and her friends realizes that they really didn't know much about their "caretakers" at all. In the search for answers, there are others who doesn't want them to least, not yet.

Although the story kept me reading, the pace of it was slow. At times, I felt that, at various part, the book dragged. I love details, but sometimes, too much details made the story slow in pace. Plus, the characters felt flat. I wasn't convinced of their sense of being lost after they were "rescued" or their feeling of not belonging with normal people. On the up side, I really enjoyed how the author described the ease and difficulty of the Cavy children reintegrating with society...especially Gypsy. Since the story is told through Gypsy's point of view, there is a more personal feel of not fitting in with "normal" people. We even get a feel for Gypsy's frustration and feelings in trusting her new friends, especially for Jude and Dane. Gypsy has a difficult time figuring out what she feels for these boys in her life.

The innocence and naiveté of these Cavy children is obvious throughout the book. As they learn more about what happened to them, the more they learn about themselves. As they embark on searching for more answers, the mystery of their "abilities" origin comes to light, but not without the dangers that lie ahead of them.

Complete with unknown variables and secrets, Gypsy is an interesting read filled with mystery, suspense, and paranormal twist. As the mystery unravels, answers will be found as well as more questions and secrets. If you enjoy cliffhangers, then there's definitely a cliffhanger to be had at the end of this first book in The Cavy Files. This is definitely written for fans of paranormal mystery/suspense thrillers.

My rating:


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

JASMINE's THOUGHTS on Her Destiny by Monica Murphy

HD Cover
Young Adult Contemporary Romance
Reverie Series, #2
Publish Date:
August 25, 2014

I knew from the moment I first saw him he was the one. The only boy I could ever want.
The only boy I could ever love.
They say he’s bad for me.
But I know he’s not.
Until the day he rejects me.
And breaks my heart.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye. My entire life as I’ve known it is…gone. Secrets are revealed. Promises once made are irrevocably broken. There’s no way my family can get back to what we once were.

So when Nicholas Fairfield walks back into my life like he never left it, I’m furious.
Thrilled. Irritated. Excited.


Despite my confusion, I want to be with him. I love him. But danger lurks where we least expect it. Someone will do whatever it takes to tear us apart. All I know is: I won’t let them.

Because Nick Fairfield? He’s mine.



Sequel to:


Check out my review on His Reverie, HERE!


**About the Author**
I write books. I have the best job ever. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Writer of new adult contemporary romance-ish stuff. Published with Avon and Bantam. Mom and wife. Native Californian.

I'm also known as USA Today bestseller romance author
Karen Erickson

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*My Thoughts*

Note: This review contains NO spoilers

***I received a review copy for an honest review***

What a conclusion to Nick and Reverie's love story! Some time has passed after that cliffhanger in His Reverie. Nick and Reverie has grown since summer, and now, they each face life without the other. Have their feelings for each other changed? Well...we soon find out in this exciting conclusion. Of course, it is necessary to read His Reverie before reading Her Destiny.

Nick and Reverie face their personal demons alone, but still can't forget what they had/have together. Life has changed for Reverie...from privileged to surviving. The same could be said about Nick. On one hand, Reverie's life spirals downward and she rebels. With the help and support of her brother, Evan, and friends, Reverie finds the strength and courage to survive and to better her life. On the other hand, Nick is still "stuck" in the town that keeps bringing him down. Of course, he "plans" to "get out"; he just needs to get that "push" to act on it...and that "push" is Reverie.

Although both Nick and Reverie have different life circumstances, they both are faced with the uncertainty and growing up they had to face on their own. When they do come together again, they are faced with their confused feelings for each other, the uncertainty of their futures, and that mystery and darkness that seems to never leave them. Only when they get closer to the truth does the danger becomes more obvious. Faced with mystery and danger, Nick and Reverie comes to learn that they can't deny what they feel for each other.

I really enjoyed how much Nick and Reverie has grown in Her Destiny. Like any coming-of-age story, this one involved growing up from a sheltered life and learning how to live and survive in the real world. Both these characters have been through their own trials and obstacles that forced them to grow up before their time. I loved how some of the chapters stayed true to the "diary entries" format; however, Nick's were unsent emails...haha!! It gave me the feel of being "in their head" and finding out what they were thinking and feeling. Not only was this book filled with passion and hearbreak, the romance between them was still there. And...the climax of the story...well, it was dark, dangerous and filled with suspense! I definitely enjoyed this more than His Reverie. With that said, Her Destiny kept me reading from beginning to end.

My rating: