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BLOG TOUR: The Magi Menagerie by Kale Lawrence


Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for The Magi Menagerie, the first installment in the The Magi Menagerie series, by Kale Lawrence. Today, on our tour stop, we have an exclusive interview with the author AND a tour-wide giveaway to share. So... Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now! Follow the tour, HERE.

Young Adult/New Adult
Historical Fantasy
The Magi Menagerie, #1
Publish Date:
September 7, 2021
EnchantFire Books

Some stars aren’t meant to be followed.

For seventeen years, Ezra Newport and his parents were habitual immigrants, traveling from their Ottoman Empire home across 20th century Europe. As the Newports migrate to Belfast, Ireland, Ezra wants nothing more to settle into a consistent life and lay the foundation of his architectural dreams. But after a strange, mechanical bounty hunter murders his mother and prompts the disappearance of his father, Ezra discovers that his parents had actually been on the run. Now, their enemies are targeting him, and they won’t stop until he is dead.

In a moment of desperation, Ezra’s fate collides with the Third Order of the Magi, a secret society dedicated to using their supernatural powers to protect their communities. With increasing violence around the world, the Magi are fairly certain they know who’s behind the attacks on Ezra and his family since the same group could also be threatening their own existence.

Both Ezra and the Magi’s survival hinges on knowledge only Ezra’s father has and the key to saving them could be buried within history itself. In a race across continents and time, both Ezra and the Magi must secure an ancient Babylonian artifact before hell is unleashed on the world. And, against all odds, Ezra must decide where his allegiances truly lie, despite what is written in the stars.


*Interview with Kale Lawrence*


1.   What else can you tell us about yourself that is not revealed in your public bio.

Fun fact: I’m a former Disney Cast Member (I used to work at Walt Disney World in Florida). I also went to university originally for film and broadcast, and did work in the television industry before transitioning into corporate marketing. 

Another fun fact: I have this weird phobia of seeing large full moons magnified by the Earth’s atmosphere. Anytime the moon looks bigger than normal makes me freak out. I promise I'm not a werewolf. :P 

 2.   What was the inspiration behind writing The Magi Menagerie.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the Magi’s brief appearance in the story of Jesus’ birth. Most of the western world knows them from this context, but the society of the Magi runs so much deeper into the veins of history than most people realize. This curiosity into who the Magi were helped carve the idea of The Magi Menagerie. And from there, I just took it and ran.    

 3.   How much research did you do to create The Magi Menagerie. What stood out to you?

I did SO much research! From historical accuracy to geographic details to learning more about Islam, I put almost as many hours into researching as I did writing the story. My goal was to create a world rooted in authentic history; a world that seemed real enough to convince the reader that it could have actually happened. However, this story is a fantasy, so I did take creative liberties with some things. 

1906 was a completely different world than the 2022 we live in, so I made sure to bring attention to those differences. Some were completely heartbreaking, like the very real consequences of same sex relationships. It made Jonas and Diego’s story that much more complicated. 

One of the most favorite things I learned was the mythology of different cultures, especially the tales of the Shahmaran.  

 4.   What can readers expect when reading The Magi Menagerie?

Readers can expect this historical fantasy adventure to kick off with a bang. You find out more about the Third Order of the Magi through Ezra’s eyes, but also have the additional POVs of Jonas and Diego to supplement that knowledge. I’d say it’s a medium paced story that quickly builds into something intense. Be advised that there are a few trigger warnings I mention in the beginning (and on my website), so read those before jumping in. 

Ultimately, I tell people to take their time reading The Magi Menagerie; my writing is meant to be savored. Not only this, but I pack a lot of little details and clues to what’s REALLY going on in the narrative so if you read too fast, you may miss some key things. Also, this book ends with a massive cliffhanger because I’m evil. ;)

 5.   What can readers expect in the next book in the series?

More magic, more Jonas and Diego goodness, and more twists and turns that will leave readers going, “WHAT THE…” The Magi Manifesto (Book 2) will be a lot faster paced and will include Babylonian mythology intertwined with (drum roll please) Mayan mythology. I’m so excited for readers to get their hands on it on December 13, 2022.

 6.   When your first book got published, where were you and what were you doing and/or what was your reaction?

As an independently published author, my experience was a bit different than the traditional sense where your project is sold to a publishing company, but the excitement is very much the same. I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh. My writing is going to be in print. For everyone to read. Everywhere.” *freak out ensues

Of course, with that excitement comes cycles of imposter syndrome, nervousness, and panic, especially when deadlines creep up on you. But overall, the process is so amazing and worth all the warm fuzzies in the world!     

 7.   What was your memorable writing/author experience... so far?

I love when I go to conferences or signings and interact with readers in person. Since the pandemic, I haven’t gotten to do that, but I’m hoping I will in the near future. Also, I love hearing from readers on social media! I got some DMs after readers finished asking when I’d have book 2 done because they couldn’t wait to find out what happens. Those interactions truly make an author’s job worth it. 

 8.   What genre is your favorite to write?

I’m a sucker for historical fantasy and steampunk. However, I’m starting to toy around with young adult paranormal/horror, so that’s an exciting change of pace. I’m also weaving more romantic subplots into my work, so there’s honestly a little something for everyone.

9.   What are you working on now?

I’m still working through Book 2 - The Magi Manifesto as well as a Kindle Vella exclusive called RandoHaunt (The YA paranormal I was talking about). I’m also working on a marketing video training series for authors looking to sharpen their marketing and public relations skills. Most people don’t realize that a lot of times, even if you’re traditionally published, you still need to do a lot of your own audience building and marketing in the long term. My aim is to train authors what to do once their book is out and how to keep their presence active, engaging, and beneficial to their time.   

10.  What advice can you give to aspiring writers/authors?

There’s a line from The Magi Menagerie I love to quote: “We were always meant to do impossible things, Mr. van der Campe. The odds may be stacked against us, but how can one rise without something on which to climb?”

This honestly encapsulates my message to writers. The path of authorship is going to be a long and sometimes difficult process. You’re going to run into roadblocks. You’re going to feel frustrated with agent rejections and defeated during times when book sales aren’t all that great. You’ll be drained by the time it will take to build your author brand. The key is to never give up. Your story is worth it. I love this quote I saw on social media once that basically said, “You’re going to be somebody’s favorite author one day.” Remember this! Your dedication will pay off in the end. I can’t wait to one day read your work.   

Thank you Kale for your time from your busy schedule, and all the fun facts about you and The Magi Menagerie. Well, there you have it, we know just a bit more about this amazing author and the first book in The Magi Menagerie series!


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The Magi Menagerie series:
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**About the Author**
Photo Credit: Maddie Peschong Photography
Since the early age of 6, Kale Lawrence knew she either wanted to be an astronaut or an author. Obviously, the astronaut gig didn’t work out, so instead, Kale turned to fantastic fictional worlds. When Kale is not writing creatively, she works as a Marketing Manager at a pet product company, and pretends she’s an Olympic swimmer at the gym. She has also served as a board member for the South Dakota Writes organization.

In addition to books, Kale’s writing has been featured on nationwide PBS television programming, NBC newscasts, ABC newscasts, and the Travel Channel.

Kale currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with her feisty tortoiseshell calico cat, Emma Bug and sassy Siamese, Seattle Bean.

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