Saturday, March 15, 2014

COVER REVEAL: A Home For Caroline by Regina Bartley

Welcome to the exciting Cover Reveal for A Home For Caroline, second book in The Rosen Brother's series, by Regina Bartley.

Adult Contemporary Romance
The Rosen Brother's Series
Publish Date:
April 8, 2014

Recommended for mature readers 18+
Contains graphic language, sexual content and mature subject matter

She's been homeless since she was old enough to know what it meant. Caroline has only ever wanted a real home, and a warm place to lay her head permanently. When she lands a real steady job, she is determined to make we dreams a reality. She never expected that this job would lead her to the man of her dreams. She quickly falls in love with Klay and he offers her the world, but sometimes dreams are just that... Dreams

Sharing her life with him means sharing it all, including the fact that she's homeless. A rich guy like Klay wouldn't understand. He could never marry a girl with this kind of status and she could never live up to that. Especially when his parents are standing in her way. 

**This book is part of a series, but is a stand-alone novel.**


The Rosen Brother's Series
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**About the Author**
Regina Bartley lives in Kentucky and is currently releasing her third book. Her books include Chased and Challenged, both of The Graysen Pack series, as well as her newest book Moonshine. Her true love is writing paranormal, but writing Moonshine made her discover a hidden love for Adult Contemporary Romance. She says that you can expect her to write a little in both worlds.

Regina is married with two kids and when she is not writing she is reading and reading and reading. She loves her cat Jacob, who was named after her favorite werewolf. Go figure... If you put her in front of the the TV she would most likely watch sports, unless The Vampire Diaries is on. Her favorite things are her family books, football, chocolate, Bruno Mars, and well Bruno Mars, enough said. She loves to keep up with her fans and she can be found several places.

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