Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Want My Nerd HQ 2014 Campaign

For the last three years since Zachary Levi started Nerd HQ, my family and I have attended and sat in several "Conversations for a Cause" that were always fun and full of laughs! All this to benefit an amazing charity...Operation Smile! Yup! This is a favorite charity of Zachary's that's why he works so hard to provide this pop culture phenomenon for his fans, and, yet, benefit this wonderful cause that brings so many "smiles" to children around the world!

Learn more about Operation Smile here!

For the last three years, Zach has been able to fund this entire fan experience through sponsorships! However, this year, he needs our help! Yes, Nerds! It's time we rally and support Zach on this campaign so we can have our Nerd HQ this year! Check out Zach's message on Nerd HQ and this campaign below.

So fellow Nerds, Zach and The Nerd Machine needs our help to keep this Nerd HQ tradition going! We cannot let this amazing pop culture experience fade away!

Head on over to the Nerd HQ 2014 Campaign on Indigogo to learn more about Nerd HQ, The Nerd Machine and Zachary Levi! You will also see many highlights from Nerd HQ 2013!

NOTE: Nerd HQ is not affiliated with San Diego Comic Con International

We have gone to several Conversations for a Cause in the last three years of Nerd HQ, and it has always been a fun and memorable experience with our favorite celebrities! In addition to holding these cool panels, these panels live stream it for those who cannot awesome is that! Not only that...last year's panels can be viewed on demand! View a list of last year's panels on The Nerd Machine!

Here's a few that we actually sat in!

There were so many more Conversations, but tickets sold out faster than I can click...haha! We're just thankful that we got into some we wanted!

In case you missed out on last year's amazing event,
click here for a list of all our awesome on-demand panels with your favorite celebrities.

Check out the full albums of these fun Conversation for a Cause at Movies, Shows & Books on Facebook:

Nerd HQ 2013:

Nerd HQ 2012:

Nerd HQ 2011:

Yup! Definitely fun times at Nerd HQ!

Here are some celeb photos from Nerd HQ:

Feel free to share the video and campaign link via twitter, facebook, reddit, carrier pigeon, smoke signal or whatever you like to use! Be sure to use the #IWantMyNerdHQ hashtag and get the twibbon to support the campaign!

So go out there Nerds and get the word out!

Thanks and Viva La Nerdolution

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