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BLOG TOUR: Desecration by Hadley Holt

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Desecration, part 1 of the Wizard Queen at Sixteen series, by Hadley Holt

Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy
Wizard Queen at Sixteen Series
Publish Date:

Book 1 of a 3 part serial in the Wizard Queen at Sixteen series

In a hidden world of wizards where only men hold the power of magic, one girl arises with the power to change everything, if she isn't killed first...

Adriana Victoriana Evangelista (Addie), daughter to the High Chancellor of the Wizard's Council, has always been the perfect wizard girl. She never questions why men possess magical powers and women have no power at all, magical or otherwise. Male wizards blend into the modern human world, leading huge corporations while wizard women are sequestered behind a magical veil in the wizard stronghold.

On her sixteenth birthday, Addie, to her own horror, discovers she possesses magic. Under wizard law, she is a desecration.

An ancient prophecy surrounds the emergence of a girl magic-wielder, the wizard queen or the Queen of Chaos. She is destined to love a half-sorcerer and together they will cause the downfall of the wizard-kin.

Addie has long had a forbidden crush on a human boy who lives in the wizard stronghold, Rory Devlin. In secret, she races to discover more about her magic and her destiny. As she delves deeper and deeper into the dangerous mysteries surrounding her, she suspects that Rory might be more than just human.

Addie's fate sends her on a collision course with a powerful and evil sorcerer, but the worst danger of all may come from right inside her own home.


*Hadley Holt's Dreamcast*

Saoirse Ronan as Addie (Adriana Evangelista)
Addie is pretty, but you’d probably notice her spunky best friend, Izzy, before you would notice Addie. She’s on a journey of self-discovery, and she will find out what it means to stand up and make a difference, but it just might get her killed in the process. As Addie finds her confidence and her passion, her inner strength increases her outward beauty. She has light brown hair and hazel eyes, but she can change her eye and hair color whenever she wants.

I picked Saoirse Ronan for Addie because there is something very authentic about Saoirse. She can convey real emotion with only her eyes. She’s also a bit of a chameleon, just like Addie.

Logan Lerman as Rory Devlin
Rory has chestnut brown hair, twinkling amethyst eyes, and a big killer smile that would melt any girl’s heart, but there are deep, dark secrets in Rory’s past that could send him down a very bad, even evil, path.

Logan Lerman makes the perfect Rory (just give him some purple contacts and he’s good to go). I think most girls would love to meet Logan. He has a very charming screen presence, with the capacity for high action, romance, humor, or he can show us darker emotions when called for.

Shailene Woodley as Izzy Van Horn
Izzy is a spunky, outspoken redhead with green eyes. She’s funny, passionate, and ready to charge into danger to help her friends.

Shailene has just the right amount of mischievous twinkle in her eyes to be the outspoken and funny, Izzy. In this picture, she looks exactly how I’d imagine Izzy would look (just needs more red in her hair, and green eyes but those are easy fixes).

Daniel Sharman as Hugo
Hugo is very tall - he’s kind of a loveable giant. He’s also kind, smart, and hesitant to make waves.

I’ve watched Daniel Sharman on MTV’s Teen Wolf and something about his onscreen vulnerability reminds me very much of the loveable Hugo.

Jack Gleeson as Zarius
I know brothers and sisters often don’t get along, but Zarius has some real problems with Addie. He’s Addie’s twin, but it hasn’t made them close. After seeing Jack in HBO’s Game of Thrones, I might be “type-casting” Jack as Zarius, but he is so very good at being bad that I can’t picture anyone else as Zarius.


**About the Author**
Hadley Holt, author of paranormal and fantasy YA (Young Adult) has always loved to write. She also nurtures an incurable fascination with all things supernatural and fantastical. From a young age, she imagined stories about dragons, wizards, witches, ghosts, shape-shifters, vampires, and other magical creatures. As life often does, it blessed Hadley with family - a hunky husband and amazing children, and with family came a rewarding career. Hadley spent many years in the not-so-magical world of finance and mortgage banking, but the stories were always there in the back of her mind, demanding to be set free.

Thanks to the housing market crash, Hadley finally realized her dreams. She now breathes life into her magical tales of reluctant young heroes finding their inner strength to fight against terrible odds.

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