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BLOG TOUR: Of Stardust by February Grace

Welcome to the Official Book Tour for Of Stardust by February Grace!

New Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Publish Date:
October 28, 2013
Cover Design by:
Ida Jansson

Summary from Goodreads:
“Dreams are sacred…”

At the age of twenty-six single, geeky bookseller Till Nesbitt inherits the shock of a lifetime: a huge Victorian farmhouse filled with unique tenants, and the knowledge that there is a reason she’s always been different. She’s destined to become a Fairy Godmother, because the skills are written into her DNA.

Till embarks on her fairy education at Dreams Come True University with much trepidation, guided on her journey by a unique mentor: a Celtic hybrid with a secret by the name of Gus.

When Till falls head over heels for Gus, will she break the most serious law in the Fairy Code, or will the truth of what really happened to Gus’s parents keep them from repeating history?



**About The Author**
February Grace is a writer, artist and poet who lives somewhere that is much colder than she would like most of the time.

She sings on key, plays by ear, and is more than mildly obsessed with music, clocks, colors, and meteor showers.

Her poetry, prose, and/or flash fiction have appeared in The Rusty Nail Literary Magazine, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and Rose and Thorn Journal. Her work can also be found in the following anthologies: Poetry Pact Volume One, Anything Prose...And Poetry, Too! and Orange Karen, Tribute To A Warrior.

Godspeed, her debut novel, is a labor of love she refers to as "Literary romance with steampunk embellishments."

Her second novel, Of Stardust, is a modern, romantic fantasy tale.

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***My Thoughts***
Till Nesbitt was shocked to have inherited her Great Aunt's estate and "everything" that goes with it. Till comes to learn quite a bit about her mysterious Great Aunt...and more! Yup! She's more than just a normal human being...she's a Fairy Godmother! From the moment she learns what she really is and meets others like her, especially her mentor, Gus, she embarks on a difficult journey of learning who and what she is. Till then starts the rigorous schooling and training at Dreams Come True University (DCTU), and learns what is involved and how to be a Fairy Godparent. Balancing her human life and fairy life takes it's toll on Till making her question and doubt herself. With Gus as her mentor, he guides her through it.

Till is faced with a struggle that will inevitably force her to make sacrifices. With every turn of the page, Till's emotional turmoil becomes a burden that she knows she will have to carry alone for her charge(s) and for the one she loves.

When I came to the end of this book, I ended the story with tears in my eyes, a smile on my face and a sigh. I loved the forbidden love theme, especially that it wasn't a tragic love story...difficult, but not tragic. I thoroughly enjoyed the world that February Grace created involving the every day life of Fairy Godparents. As for her character building, I was so enthralled that her characters has so much depth that I felt like I REALLY got to know each of her characters, especially Till. I loved that it wasn't a "love at first sight" type of romance. I loved that the romance was building at a good pace throughout the story. And...that ending! What a heart-wrenching ending! It just tore at my heart! 

I feel another story has to be written...continuing Gus and Till's journey! If so, I would so be reading it...hahaha! 

Of Stardust is an amazing story of one girl learning of a life that is so mystical and magical that even that can be a struggle.

My rating:


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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Of Stardust, and for kindly hosting a stop on the blog tour! I really appreciate it. So glad you enjoyed the book :) Thanks again!

  2. Absolutely a pleasure! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it! I am definitely looking forward to a book 2!?!