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BLOG TOUR: The Preacher's Son by B.D. Anderson

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for The Preacher's Son by B.D. Anderson!

New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:
December 2, 2013
LULU Publishing

Jeremy Ferguson is caught between two worlds—the conservative, faith-based expectations of his Southern preacher father and his own ambitions to live the life of a model in New York City.

Aura Vanderleigh is similarly trapped by her own battle for self-respect, her own family’s expectations, and her dreams of a better life. As a plus-size woman, she’s been indoctrinated with the belief that she doesn’t deserve love, let alone the love of a beautiful white man. She is surprised—and intrigued—when Jeremy shows up at her church one day. And fate has something wonderful in store: true love.

When Jeremy returns home with Aura, neither is prepared for the backlash. Will Jeremy’s family be able to set aside their prejudices and accept their son’s choice for a mate? Can Aura’s family and friends learn to embrace her choice and believe that she deserves the love of such an extremely handsome and sexy man like Jeremy? Can they inspire compassion and tolerance in those who would tear them apart?


*Interview with B.D. Anderson*

1. Thank you for taking the time for this interview! I thought we could start with all-too-common question, what inspired you to become a writer?
From the time that I first learned to read, I’ve always had stories in my head.  I’d write imaginary stories for my friends and give them to them to read.  However, I never considered it to be more than a pleasant pastime for me.  I never dreamed when I was a young girl that I could actually become a writer. Now as an empty nester, it was my son encouraged me to follow my lifelong dream.  The Preacher’s Son is my very first published work.
2. Favorite books and/or authors that inspire you?
When I was young, I loved to read historical romances.  Kathleen E Woodiwiss was my all-time favorite Romance author.  I also do a lot of inspirational Christian reading.  I loved reading the works of Smith Wigglesworth and Norvel Hayes.
3. Favorite place to write.
I do most of my writing at my desk top right at home.
4. Describe Jeremy Ferguson in five words.
Kind Passionate Levelheaded Faithful Strong
5. Descbribe Aura Vanderleigh in five words.
Sweet Trusting no-nonsense patient loving
6. Are any of the  characters from your imagination or from real people and/or experiences? 
The characters themselves are from my own mind.  However I have a family member who married a white man whose family didn’t approve of the relationship.  The south in the seventies was not tolerant of such things and some of the memories of things said back then did inspire my writing.
7. What was your favorite part of the book to write?
Even though Jeremy and Aura are the focal point of the book, my favorite part to write was when Olivia confronted her husband Emerson in his office.
8. Romance with a Christian theme to it, what can you tell me about The Preachers' Son?
When I’ve read Christian romances, many of them (to me) are too heavy handed and preachy to reach someone who is not a Christian.  Some are unrealistic where the characters pray away their sexual desires and are able to hold off until marriage.  I’m a minister and just looking around my church, I can see that abstinence is not always followed even when the persons are trying to be good Christians.  I wanted to write a book where the characters were trying to live a Christian life, but weren’t always strong but who still held onto their faith and moved forward in their relationship.
9. What are you currently working on? What can we anticipate in the near future?
Currently I’m working on “A Heart Redeemed” which is a follow up to The Preacher’s Son.  It focuses on Matthew Ferguson and Maxine James’ relationship as well as a few others.  It is in the process of being edited and hopefully it will be published later this year.
10. Based on the synopsis, I found it refreshing to read that the female character is "a plus-sized" woman...not your typical romance novel female character. What was the inspiration behind that.
Plus size women read romances too.  Why not write something that they can relate to?  All men do not like the same things in women and every woman cannot look like a super model with a perfect body.  Does that mean that she can’t be attractive in the eyes of a man that the world feels is gorgeous?  Of course not. I wanted to show that just because a woman is a little heavy doesn’t mean that there’s not a man out there that won’t appreciate her curves.
11. What are your favorite genres to read? To write?
Romances are my favorite and I love to write black romances and interracial romances.
12. I have a lot of friends who are aspiring writers, what advice would you give them?
Don’t cut corners.  If you are going to self-publish and you want to sell your books, then you have to put out a professional product.  I’ve been out of school for over thirty five years.  I had no idea what to do after I wrote my book, but I knew that my grammar wasn’t perfect and that I needed help.  It cost me money up front, but I have no regrets in getting a professional editor and cover.  I believe that my book is doing well because of that.   You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.

**About the Author**
B.D. Anderson, (Brenda Diane) has loved to read and write romance stories all of her adult life.  The Preacher’s Son is her very first published novel, but will certainly not be her last! Outside of being an author, she is also an Associate Minister at her church. Brenda is married and the mother of two adult sons.

It was quite a struggle for Brenda to write what many church people would consider ‘worldly’ romance with an underlying Christian theme, but her desire was to reach people where they are at and not to necessarily ‘preach’ at them. Her book is aimed at an audience that does not necessarily know about God, and she hopes that her book will open the door for honest discussion.  Her story has been warmly embraced by her church members and they have turned out to be some of her biggest fans. Her book will be used as a tool to open the door of communication in several Women’s Groups as they seek to minister to young adult ladies.

Brenda has received a wonderful review from Penn Book Review and has been featured on Alliance for Independent Authors website for her desire to help other new authors to have their works published.

She had dedicated a portion of the proceeds from her book to help new authors, as well giving a portion to her own church’s ministry. Brenda hopes to have the sequel to her book finished by the end of this year.

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