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RELEASE DAY BLITZ: The Romeo Club by Rebekah L. Purdy

Welcome to the exciting Release Day Blitz for The Romeo Club by Rebekah L. Purdy!

Young Adult Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:
March 25, 2014
Swoon Romance

The Romeo Club is Hitch meets The Secret of My Success

What happens we you agree to help your brother "de-nerdify" so he can catch the attention of the popular Chloe Anders, and to everyone's surpriss, he actually lands her?

And What if his equally geeky friends come running with girl wish lists of their own, offering money for your service?

Well, if you're sixteen-year-old, Delyla Denson, then you start The Romeo Club. A secret club where she'll teach these guys how to talk, to act, and to be cool around girls. It's a win-win situation.

She'll get enough money for the awesome prom dress she's had her eye on, and the guys, well, they'll get dates and maybe learn how to do something other than beat the next level on their video games.

There are only two problems with this plan. One, her quarterback/track star boyfriend is getting jealous of how much time she's spending away from him and decides to try and figure out what's going on. And two, Delyla is kind of falling for her brother's BFF, Trey who she's been hanging out with a lot more. And who thanks to her help, has caught the attention of the beautiful, perfect, and popular, Portia Rickard. With Portia and Trey heating up, Delyla realizes that maybe the person she's meant to be with has been in front of her all this time.

But falling for Trey means she'll have to take drastic measures including sabotage, with a capital S.


A few minutes later we arrived at Bogarty’s. We went inside and found Kevin working the counter.
“Hey,” he said. “I thought you had a date tonight?”
“I do. But I wanted to treat Del out for helping me.” Trey took some cash from his pocket. “Can we get two chocolate vanilla swirl ice creams?”
Warmth spread through my chest. He remembered my favorite flavor. How is it he knew more about me than my boyfriend?
“Coming right up.” Kevin took his money then gave him the change. He waved me closer to the counter then leaned forward. “Melanie’s working tonight.” He nodded to a petite girl making milkshakes. She had black hair with a shock of electric blue highlights. Her ears had numerous piercings, and she wore dark eyeliner. She had the whole rocker chick thing going on.
“She’s pretty,” I said. And to say I was surprised was an understatement. She didn’t seem like his type, but then again, who was I to judge.
He grinned. “Yeah. She is.” He handed us our ice cream. “I’ll see you guys later.”
I licked the side of my cone to keep the chocolate from dripping. Trey and I sat down in a corner booth and devoured our food. When I finished, I wiped my mouth with a napkin. My eyes shifted to the window. No way. Did he have GPS attached to me or something?
I shot to my feet. “Crap.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Rex is here with his friends. I told him I was having a Science Club meeting today.”
Trey followed my gaze. “They’re coming in.”
We rushed toward the counter. Maybe there was a back way out. “Kevin. We need to hide.”
“Rex.” I nodded over my shoulder. “Please, Kev. There’s gotta be a back way out.”
“I can’t let you go through the kitchen. I’ll get fired.” He glanced behind him.
“Ah, I’m so dead.”
“Wait, I have an idea. Hey, Melanie can you watch the register for a second?”
She looked up. “Sure. But hurry.”
“Thanks.” He came around the counter. “Quick, follow me.” He led us down a narrow hall toward the bathrooms. But before we got there, he opened a door and pulled out two costumes.
“Oh brother. I’m not gonna like this, am I?” Trey took a giant ice cream cone costume from him.
“Nope. In fact, you’ll probably hate it. But it’s the only thing I got.” He handed me a Poppy the Popsicle costume.
I groaned. “This day just keeps getting better and better.”
“Hurry up, he’s coming in.” Kevin shoved the giant popsicle over my head.
I put my arms in, while he tugged it down. He then put big rubber shoes on me. I attempted to adjust the top so I could see out the eyeholes. Next to me I saw Trey and giggled. His head looked like a giant vanilla swirl ice cream. The cone part came down to his ankles so he had to waddle while he walked.
Kevin, shut the closet. “Just go out in the lobby area and dance around or something. When he leaves, you can get out of here.”
“You owe me big,” Trey said from beside me.
Just then a group of elementary kids saw us. “Look it’s Poppy the Popsicle and Icy the Ice Cream.”
In that moment, I wanted to die. Kids screeched at our legs. I hopped around in circles, giving them high fives. I attempted a booty shake dance and nearly toppled over, right into Rex’s lap.
“Hey, Rex. Looks like Poppy has a thing for track stars.” Bart laughed and slapped his back. “If you want to dance with the popsicle, I won’t tell Delyla.”
Rex grinned, grabbed my giant rubber hands and twirled me around. “Hey, can I get my picture taken with you?”
Holy balls. This wasn’t good. “Sure,” I said in a high-pitched Minnie Mouse type voice. He held up his phone and leaned in close. Wow, this would be one for the memory books.
“I think the popsicle is melting at your touch,” Bart said. “Maybe you should go for the ice cream cone instead.”
If he made one more popsicle comment, I was gonna shove my stick somewhere where the sun didn’t shine. Behind me, I heard Trey mutter something about a jack ass.
At last, Kevin called them up to the counter for their order.
“See you, Poppy.” Rex patted my back.
“Yeah, see you,” I said in the same high-pitched voice from before.
When they left, Trey and I raced to take the costumes off.
“Remind me never to come to the ice cream shop with you again,” Trey said. “I swear, if one more kid hit me in the crotch, I was gonna shove them in a trash can.”
“At least you didn’t have to deal with my boyfriend.” I laughed.
“Yeah, there’s that. But I think I’m ready to go now.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. Goodbye ice cream, hello world.


TRC Roundtable—Delyla asks the Nerd Herd Questions…
“This is Delyla Denson founder, creator, and brainchild behind The Romeo Club. I thought it might be fun to do a roundtable with the guys of TRC. Maybe get to know them better.”

“Oooh, a roundtable,” C.C. said. “Kind of like the Knights of the Roundtable. Perhaps everyone would like to see my sword.” He stood, waggling his eyebrows, his red hair stuck up like tiny curly poodle tails as he swung his hips around.

“Ew, how about sit down. And for your information, you’re more like the nerd of the roundtable,” I said. With a sigh, I glanced at my brother’s best friend.

Trey rolled his eyes. “I have a feeling you’re going to regret every moment of this.”

“I already am. Okay, back to the roundtable. Now, I’m sure our readers would love to get to know you better. So I’ve created a series of three questions for you guys. So answer them the best you can. The first one is: What types of girls are you into or like?”

“A girl who’d dress up like Princess Leia for me.  Maybe wear those buns on the side of her head—carry a laser blaster. Oh, and she has to wear that brown bikini get up from Return of the Jedi.” C.C. stared dreamily at the ceiling.

My nose wrinkled. “Seriously?”

“Heck yeah, if you’re gonna dream, you might as well dream big.”

“Um—how about the rest of you?” I turned to Kevin and Trey.

Kevin shoved his brown hair up under his beanie. “I want someone who’s into the same things as me.  You know, astronomy club, video games, watching sci-fi movies.”


“Maybe a girl like you.” He grinned.

“You’re such a kiss ass,” C.C. said.

“You’re just jealous because you didn’t think of it.” Trey adjusted his square framed glasses.

My face blazed. “How about we move onto the next question.” I cleared my throat. “What has been the best part of your makeovers?”

“Hands down all the chicks that are noticing us now. I’ve become a grade A, babe magnet.” C.C. flexed his arm.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. Are you going to make everything about girls?” My eyes narrowed at C.C.

“What? You asked a question, I gave an honest answer. Maybe you’re regretting giving us make overs because now you have competition for my attention.”

“Good grief, you’re so self-absorbed.” I attempted to ignore him. “So what about you two?”

“I feel more confident,” Kevin said.

“That’s awesome,” I said.

Trey smiled. “Me too. And I’ve talked to people I didn’t ever think I’d have to balls to before.”

“Aw, so you’ve grown a pair now? That’s kind of special. You’re becoming a man, Trey.” C.C. chuckled.

“Moving on.” I shook my head. This was one of those moments, where I really, really, really, wished I hadn’t decided to do this.

“Wait, we can’t move on yet.” C.C. climbed to his feet and loped to my side. “Why don’t you trade me seats and I can ask you some questions too. Like number one, what’s your favorite kind of girl? I bet she’s blonde, with a nice butt, tiny waist and—”

“Oh. My. God. You’re such a perv!”

“What? I’m sure people would like to know.”

“C.C. I think she’s gonna punch you in the face if you don’t leave her alone,” Trey said, laughing.

“More like, I’m gonna put this microphone where the sun refuses to shine! AKA your ass!”

Kevin covered his face with his hand. “So, I take it this interview thing might be over?”

I set the question cards on the table. “Yeah, I think maybe we’ll wrap it up here. The last thing we want to do is have C.C. offend everyone in the room.”

“For your information, everyone loves me.” C.C. puffed out his chest. “I bet I get like ten requests for dates after this interview.”

“More like mobs chasing you with pitchforks,” Trey muttered under his breath.

“Okay, we’re done. It’s been fun. Sorta. This is Delyla Denson signing off.”

“Wait, we can’t go yet. We never got to talk about my workout routine, or my chest hair, or…”

“Nope. We’re not going there.” I stood and walked out of the interview room. Geesh. The Nerd Herd really knew how to screw up a few easy questions. I had my work cut out for me.


**About the Author**
Rebekah L. Purdy grew up in Michigan, where she spent many late nights armed with a good book and a flashlight. When not hiding at her computer and getting lost in her stories, she enjoys reading, singing, soccer, swimming, football, camping, playing video games and hanging out with her kids. She loves the unexplainable like Bigfoot, the Dogman, and the Loch Ness Monster (lots of good story material)! She admits to still having all the books she bought throughout her childhood and teen years, and she may or may not have an obsession with anything chocolate...

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