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BOOK BLITZ: Synchrony by Cindy Ray Hale

Welcome to the exciting Book Blitz for Synchrony, the second book of the Destiny Trilogy, by Cindy Ray Hale!

Young Adult Contemporary Romance
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When her parents discover she’s been sneaking out with Isaac Robinson the forbidden Baptist boy, Mormon girl Destiny Clark decides it’s time to keep their relationship quiet. As their relationship moves to shakier ground, Destiny discovers that Isaac has a terrible secret, and she is left completely shattered.

The moment Destiny feels all hope is lost, Preston Nelson, her longtime church friend and Isaac's bitter rival, arrives like a beacon of light. It isn't long before two separate disasters strike for Preston and Destiny's best friend, Hannah. As Destiny helps them through their issues, she discovers that sometimes the best way to forget about your own problems is to help a friend in need.

Just as her heart begins to mend and her friendship with Preston begins to heat up, Isaac walks back into her life, threatening to rekindle the feelings she’d hoped to bury forever. Will Destiny and Preston find the synchrony they so desperately need, or will she find a way to forgive Isaac and return to his outstretched arms?


We were out of snowballs, so we had to go back to our piles to restock. Then we were all back on the field, colliding in a flurry of white. I hit Destiny right above her ear with a huge snowball. She shrieked a feminine war cry and clobbered me with two snowballs, one on either side of my face. My cheeks stung with the cold, and I ran back to the fort to get more snowballs.

As I was reaching down behind the shed to restock my supply of ammo, Destiny barreled into me, knocking me off balance. Her arms wrapped around me, and we fell into the snow on my side. I struggled to break free, but she had me pinned at a strange angle. Technically, I could have thrown her off at any time, but that would have ruined the fun.

I howled as she shoved snow down the back of my shirt, and we rolled several times down the slope as I struggled to get free. But her arms were locked around my neck. And then, somehow, she was pinned under me. Every vein in my body was on fire as I gazed into her crystal clear blue eyes. She released her arms from her vicelike hold on my neck, and her eyes grew wide and her lips parted slightly as though she’d just realized how close our faces were.

I had no idea what possessed me to do it, or when all reason had suddenly flown from my mind. But as I leaned forward and kissed her tenderly, all I could think about was how beautiful and pure she’d looked lying there in the snow with her hair splayed all around her in wild waves of perfection.

Honestly, if I’d stopped to think about what I was about to do, I never would have been able to go through with it. I mean, come on, how many years had I imagined what it would be like to kiss Destiny Clark? But that had always been pure fantasy. Especially after her nasty breakup. If I’d taken the time to consider kissing her, I would’ve convinced myself that the last thing she’d wanted was a kiss.


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**About the Author**
Cindy Ray Hale is an author and editor and is a native of Chattanooga, TN. She has lived all over the U.S. with her husband and four children due to the military and school. She has recently returned to her roots and now resides in Murfreesboro, TN. She studied English at Brigham Young University-Idaho and Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA. When she was 17 years old, her short story, Instant Harmony appeared in the April 2000 issue of New Era, the official magazine for the youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Destiny is her first book.

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