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BLOG TOUR: The Dark King by C.J. Abedi

Welcome to the Official Bog Tour for The Dark King, the second book of the Fae Trilogy, by sibling writers, C.J. Abedi!

Young Adult Fantasy Romance
Fae Trilogy
Publish Date:
May 6, 2014
Diversion Books

Darkness descends over Roanoke Island in the sequel to the young adult bestseller, Fae.

Devilyn Reilly has crossed over to the sinister world of The Dark Fae, reigning over the realm as its King. He is to fulfill a prophecy--to unite the Light and Dark Fae once and for all, but those who love him now fear that he will never be the same again, that he can no longer be trusted, that every trace of the Light he once had is gone forever.

Caroline Ellis, the final heir of the Light Fae, must learn to survive without the protection of her one true love. She must come to embrace her own strength to evade those in the Dark court who seek her destruction--for the power is within Caroline to use Light to change Fate itself...

Caroline and Devilyn's chemistry is undeniable. Their destiny together inevitble if only they have the will to over come The Darkness and The Fates.

The Dark King, the second installment of the stunning Fae trilogy propels readers into the mystical and magical world of the Light and Dark Fae, where star-crossed love ignites a battle between two powerful kingdoms, one that can consume everything that stands in its path.


Sequel to:


“Devilyn?” I reached out to him but he did not see or hear me.
It was as if I didn’t exist. Like I was a ghost. He walked up to my bed and sat down next to my sleeping body. The way he looked at me brought tears to my eyes. The way he brushed my hair away from my face made me long to trade places with the Caroline that slept there. Treating me like a fine piece of porcelain. One he worshipped. Like I was the most precious person in the world.
But for whatever reason, this wasn’t a scene I was allowed to participate in, only watch from the outside.
He sat there for a long while, his dark eyes full of sadness, and then he closed them. When they finally opened what felt like many minutes later, they blazed with an otherworldly blue fire. I gasped and stumbled back as I watched him lean down and kiss me softly on the lips. I don’t know why, but I wanted to scream and shout at him. I felt in my heart as if he was doing something wrong.
I cried out again, and he jerked away from my sleeping body, turning to look at me in rage. I stepped away from him, deathly afraid of what he would do as he rose from the bed. There was a darkness that surrounded him now like a cloak, an energy that made me want to scream at him to stay away. To not get close. But he was advancing and was clearly unhappy that I was there.
I wanted to plead with him. Beg him for mercy. But he was upon me, and there was nothing I could do, so I took a deep breath, fearing what would come next, and felt a dampness on my face.


**About the Authors**
Colet and Jasmine Abedi are a sister writing team that dreamt up the world FAE together...

Colet Abedi ran development for ITV Studios and is currently Executive Producer on three shows that run in syndication called Unsealed: Conspiracy FilesUnsealed: Alien Files and Now Eat This with Rocco DiSpirito. She was also an Executive Producer on Posh Tots on HGTV. Prior to that, she was a Head Writer for 20th Television, a division of Fox, for two telenovelas, American Heiress starring Annalyn McCord and Robert Buckley and Fashion House, starring Bo Derek and Taylor Kinney. Colet also recently completed the feature film Five Souls.

Colet grew up in California and graduated with a B.A. in English Literature at the tender age of 19. Colet currently lives with her husband and three dogs in Los Angeles, California.

Jasmine Abedi is an entertainment attorney, and has worked with entertainment powerhouses such as Fox, NBCUniversal, ABC, MTV and E! for the past 14 years. She has also worn many different hats in the entertainment industry, with Executive Producer credits for the television programs Posh Tots and the pilots Club Bounce (TruTV), Divas (VH-1) and Life With The Clarks (CMT). In addition to writing, she has also partnered with a law school friend to create the natural cosmetic company Generation Klean, Inc. Their products can be found online at and at major retailers (Whole Foods, Fred Segal etc.) nationwide.

Jasmine currently lives wit her husband and daughter Ella in California.

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