Thursday, November 14, 2013

R.L. Griffin's Favorites of 2013 Contest: Week 4

Welcome to R.L. Griffin's Favorites of 2013 Contest! 
We are now into the fourth week of the contest in which R.L. will be giving away another favorite book! 
And, the fun continues...

This week's favorite is...

There Is No Light In Darkness (Book 1 of the Darkness series)

Contains explicit language & sexual content

Summary from Goodreads
A past hidden in darkness. Her present cloaked in secrets. The future holds the only truth that cannot be escaped.

After the mysterious and violent death of her parents, Blake Brennan finds comfort with an unconventional family. As the dramatic loss of her parents continues to haunt her--and hinders her from reciprocating love that others give freely--Blake embarks on a harrowing journey in search for the truth.

Living in a constant state of fear and need for control, vivid nightmares reveal details that lead to perilous situations. The past begins to collide with the present, and Blake must decide if the truth is worth losing the ones she loves. 

Can love conquer all as her past comes to light? Or will Blake realize that there is no light in darkness?

There Is No Light In Darkness is Available Now

About the Author 
hosting this amazing contest
R.L. Griffin resides in the Atlanta area with some cool dudes: her husband, son and one crazy dog. She was born and raised in the South. She attended Georgia Southern University and moved to Washington, D.C. to intern in the United States Senate during the impeachment trial. Falling in love with the city, she went to law school at American University, Washington College of Law. By A Thread is her second book, but is the first in a series of books.

If you ask anyone who knows R.L., they know that she loves reading and reads all sorts of books. Any free time she has, she is either reading, writing or drinking with friends.

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Seamless is set to be released December 10, 2013

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