Friday, October 11, 2013

Unbreakable (Book 1 of The Legion Series) by Kami Garcia Giveaway

One of the awesome fun things I enjoy doing is going to these book tours, especially when it's withing driving distance. I recently went to one of the tour stops for The YA Legion Tour on October 2nd, launching Kami Garcia's new solo novel, Unbreakable. In addition to seeing Kami Garcia, other authors were also in attendance for the tour. The tour stop that my daughter and I was able to go to was hosted by Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego, which, at first, wasn't on the original tour schedule. At this particular tour stop, we had the pleasure of having Lissa Price and Nancy Holder joining Kami for this launch party. However, I was pretty bummed out that Amber Benson had to cancel. The night was still filled with fun and laughs as these amazing authors chatted about their experiences in life and in writing. Although it was a school night, my daughter and I had a great time even though we couldn't stay long. So, for those who wasn't able to go to a launch party, check out my post on our fun night when the YA Legion Tour Stopped in at Mysterious Galaxy!
Lissa Price, Kami Garcia & Nancy Holder
Kami Garcia at SDCC 2013
I had the awesome opportunity to have read Unbreakable in advance when Kami Garcia was at SDCC 2013 signing Advance Reader's Copies (ARC) of Unbreakable for fans. As soon as I found out when and what booth, we were in line to to get one and say "hi!" I don't think I can EVER get tired of seeing my favorite authors, especially when new books are released. Check out "my thoughts" at:

I loved the story! It reminded me a bit of one of my favorite TV shows, Supernatural. Like Nancy Holder stated, "Supernatural meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Kami Garcia is Joss Whedon's talent-sister! I didn't just read UNBREAKABLE; I lived it. When it comes to supernatural suspense, Garcia is the Slayer." I would have to agree!

So, if you haven't read Unbreakable yet, I think you should...that's just me!
But, for now, check out the book trailer!

So, without further ado, let's have a giveaway! Of course we can't have a launch party without swag! And, that's just what I got!

The Giveaway
YA Legion Tour poster signed by
Kami Garcia, Lissa Price & Nancy Holder

1 Winner will receive a signed copy of Unbreakable
1 Winner will receive a signed YA Legion Tour poster
1 Winner will receive an Unbreakable keychain
3 Winners will receive a signed Unbreakable bookmarks

Must be 13+ to enter
U.S. entries only


  1. I don't believe in superstitions so I don't really know about them. There was one my sis told me about last night where you smear your name on your birthday cake or else it brings bad luck. Not sure where she learned that from lol. Anyway, awesome giveaway!! So excited for this book!! ~Annabell Cadiz

    1. I know right! Love the story. I'm excited for the next book.

      That's an interesting superstition. Haven't heard of that one. I'm the complete opposite. I grew up around superstition. Can't help it, Filipinos tend to be very superstitious...hahaha!