Thursday, October 3, 2013

The YA Legion Tour Stops at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA

Unbreakable Tour poster
October 2, 2013 was an amazing and fun night as Kami Garcia launched her new solo book Unbreakable, and stops in at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA! Yay! Along with Kami Garcia to launch her new book was Nancy Holder and Lissa Price, two amazing authors. After having to miss the stop in Barnes & Noble at The Grove on October 1st, I was oh-so-thankful that there was a stop the next day! 

Lissa Price, Kami Garcia & Nancy Holder

So...Mariah and I made our way to San Diego, just in time for the event, too! Whew! Although it was a school night, Mariah came along anyways! I enjoy sharing events like this with her. Plus, we have been going to these events with these authors several times now, and it's always a fun and memorable time. And, Mysterious Galaxy is always a great venue for these events, this time, we visited the San Diego store. 
Photo credit: Mysterious Galaxy bookstore
However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Amber Benson, author of the Calliope Reaper-Jones series, cancelled here appearance for this launch party...<sigh> We were so looking forward to meeting her as well, especially being a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan. 

Kami Garcia
Lissa Price
Nancy Holder
In addition to this fun event, a fun raffle was held after the Q&A and reading. The lucky winner won an Unbreakable gift box with jewelry, swag, and a $50 MG gift, that's an awesome prize! It was great!

Check out the video clips of this amazing and fun launch party!
This fun event began with author introductions and a discussion of their books.

Kami tells of the raffle winner from the October 1st launch party, then gets 
into discussing what Unbreakable is about.

LissaKami and Nancy discusses writing and deadlines. 
Kami even mentions her office.

Our favorite authors discusses word count, number of pages and writing, 
choice of favorite super power and superstitions.

Check out the swag commemorating the launch of Unbreakable! Even got Starters/Enders bookmarks from Lissa Price!

What a great evening!!! After this fun Q&A, reading and discussion, the signing began. We always have so much fun at these amazing author events; and, each event always has something new and fun to be discussed and launched! If only it wasn't a school night, we would have loved to hang out a bit longer at Mysterious Galaxy to chat with them. 
Getting ready for the signing!
I remember meeting Nancy Holder at a teen book fest in Ontario, CA in 2011! After two years, I finally got my pick with her signed. I read her book Crusade, co-written with Debbie amazing story! I finally got the last two books in this series and signed, too! 

It was also so much fun to catch up with Lissa Price since last we saw her at the L.A. Times Festival of Books
Mariah with Lissa Price
Jasmine with Lissa Price
Photo op w/ Lissa Price, Kami Garcia & Nancy Holder
View the photo album of this fun launch party at: 

I also was lucky to see Kami Garcia at SDCC 2013 and get a signed ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of Unbreakable. After reading it, I was hooked! I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book!

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