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My Day at the Authors In The OC 2014 Event

Well, it's October and it is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month. All throughout October various campaigns, events, and fundraisers takes place to raise awareness and support programs dedicated to the research and education for treatment and a cure for this disease. And...Authors In The OC is just one event, among many, that has taken place this month to raise funds for this worthy cause. For more information about Breast Cancer Awareness, go to:

About Authors In The OC
Authors In The OC event is a book signing event with a Meet & Greet afterwards. We come together to meet our favorite authors, meet new ones and hang out with our fellow book lovers while raising money for a very good cause: Our Tatas!

Money raised from this event will benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer via the Fifty Shades of Pink team.

For more information about these events, go to their site:
Authors In The OC

Fifty Shades of Pink

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer


Although I was exhausted from working the night before, I was determined not to miss this exciting event...even if I was late, I wanted to meet these amazing authors! This was my first time going to this event, and I am so glad that I didn't miss too much of it. Before I continue, check out the list of authors who donated their time and books for this cause!

What a line up! And, I was just so amazed when I got there! Although I did not know most of the authors, I did recognize some names since I hosted some blog tours for their books. However, a friend told me that Rebecca Ethington was not in attendance. I was somewhat disappointed that she didn't make it. I would have loved to catch up with her as well since meeting her at the L.A. Times Festival of Books (back in April). The only other author that I had already met from previous events was Mary Ting. I always enjoy meeting authors again, so to just catch up with them and the latest on their writing and author adventures. I don't think I could ever get tired of meeting authors over and over again. They, after all, create the worlds that book lovers enjoy reading. It's always fun to keep up to date with favorite authors! Authors were just as excited to meet fans as book lovers were to be meeting them. It was such a rush...on overload...haha!

The authors I did meet, were, oh so, excited when I mentioned that I have a blog! I was excited, they were just made for an exciting day! They were more than willing to sign everything I asked for...for giveaway purposes. Author Lexi Buchanan even gave me one of her novellas (free) to use as a giveaway prize! Oh my goodness! I love authors! Here are a few photos of this amazing event!

Courtyard at Embassy Suites Anaheim - North
Jasmine with Cameo Renae
Jasmine with Hilary Storm and model, Jacob Wilson 
Jasmine with Lexi Buchanan and model, Assad Shalhoub 
Jasmine with L.A. Casey
Jasmine with Kate Perry
Jasmine with Tara Sivec
Jasmine with E.K. Blair

View the event album at: Movies, Shows & Books on Facebook

There was so much to do...they had a raffle and a silent auction for some very cool prizes! Once I was signed in, I got a name badge/label (great idea, by the way), a cool Authors in the OC tote bag, and a pink wristband. I was also given a map of the room. But, it wasn't just a map. The name of the game was to visit all the author tables and get the map stamped by each author. Once the map completed with all the stamps, the map has to be turned in for a raffle prize! I would have played the game, if I had arrived at the very beginning, but I so needed a nap after work...haha! In addition to the map, when I visited author tables, we were given tickets with every purchase of books. We then had to write our name on the back of the tickets and turn it in for another raffle. But, alas, I did not win in the raffle.

Although I did not get to all the authors, I was thrilled to have met the ones that I did meet. Hopefully, these authors will return next year...and maybe I'll be able to meet them. After all the fun was said and done...I was ready to go home. Even though I didn't get all the books that I wanted, there will be other events...possibly. With a few authors, the option to purchase signed copies is offered on their websites...but not all authors do that. I wasn't surprised that authors ran out of books to sell, especially with such an amazing turn out! So, yes, I will have to purchase from their websites...or Amazon, unless they return next year...hahaha!! So, yes, I am definitely planning on going next year.

Here's my book & swag haul from this exciting event!

Now, for all this swag...I think giveaways are in order here! So...check back as I post weekly author spotlight on each of the authors I met at this extremely fun event! There will be a giveaway for each post! :)

Until next year Authors In The OC!

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