Wednesday, July 15, 2015

HIGHLIGHT: Shonen Jump: Past, Present, and Future Panel SDCC 2015

Shonen Jump: Past, Present, and Future Panel
July 9, 2015, Thursday, 10:00AM-11:00AM
Room 5AB

Hang out with the English language editors of the world's most popular manga, plus special surprise guests! Come hear some exciting news about the latest new series, all-time fan favorites, and everything in between. Plus a chance to win amazing prizes by showing off your SJ trivia skills.

*My Thoughts*
This panel was the earliest to begin our San Diego Comic Con but not so early that I couldn’t enjoy it. Nothing special from any other year of Comic Con, if you’ve gone any amount of consecutive years. Our moderator looked awfully familiar, so that caught my eye, I think he not only does podcasts on the English Shonen Jump website but also moderates all of the Shonen Jump based panels. Anyway, in general the panel promotes the digital weekly chapters released to America from Japan, which is nothing new but a large improvement over the paper/print magazine release every month when speed is taken into consideration. The panelists were friendly and so happy to interact with the fans, it felt genuine but they seemed to be trying too hard to promote the newest addition to the weekly releases One-Punch Man, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, and the new Naruto game, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Personally, the newest manga in Shonen Jump don’t particularly interest me. In all honestly, they bribed me with the cool extras included with a Shonen Jump subscription which included a Naruto “yearbook”, 4-5 promo cards, and an exclusive Naruto game mat.
Included in this annual panel, were trivia questions and prizes! All of them were relatively simple though and nothing to scratch your head at. I mean sure, some of them I didn’t know because I don’t pay attention to those particular manga but the ones I could answer were as simple as “Which one is your left hand and which one is your right hand?” Sigh, if only my reflexes were faster, I probably would’ve gotten 50% of the prizes. Some trivia questions included:
What are the names of Naruto’s son and Sasuke’s daughter?
What are the aliens called in World Trigger?
Ichigo Kurosaki is a Soul Reaper and Uryu Ishida is?
Oh how could I forget, Become Hokage for a Day! Show off how big of a fan you are and meet Masashi Kishimoto at New York Comic Con… Yeah… Congratulations to whoever wins. This panel lacked any luster, either that or I’m just too used to this stuff, and they tried too hard to make it exciting even though there weren’t any interesting moments. It wasn’t as exciting as my next panel. Thinking back, I wonder if I should’ve gone to the VIZ Media panel instead.
Answers to Above Questions:
Boruto and Sarada
A Quincy

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