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BLOG TOUR: The Shadow Soul by K. Williams

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for The Shadow Soul, the first book in the Trailokya Trilogy, by K. Williams!

Epic Fantasy
Trailokya Trilogy, #1
Publish Date:
May 31, 2015
Booktrope Publishing

The Shadow Soul is the first part of The Trailoyka Trilogy, a fantasy series that follows the rise and fall of fabled races and souls at the junction of three worlds: Zion, Earth and Jahannam. K. Williams weaves a tale that will leave you questioning long held convictions about the human legends of Heaven and Hell. Are you ready to enter the gates of Zion and learn the truth?

Captain Maiel is a duta warrior of Zion, a race of giant, winged guardians and chroniclers of the lesser souls. Maiel's assurances are shaken when she nearly loses a young human girl to the dark forces of Jahannam, the prison realm were the lowest beings reside. To avoid answering to the leaders of her world, Maiel seeks refuge on Earth, but she is pursued by a baron of Jahannam intent on destroying her. Can she be saved before time runs out? Or will she be sacrificed to secure the borders of Zion and to hide the lie her journey uncovers?

With each step further into darkness, long held secrets are revealed and shadows rise from the past to challenge absolutes.


Maiel’s solemn gaze lowered to the street. Cars slid up and down the narrow artery stories below. The cloak of her penannular prevented the humans from spotting her perched far above, observing them with a clinical eye. Her kind watched and guarded. They were always watching, waiting for the shadows of the enemy to show. If she wanted, the veil of the penannular would release. However, eons of experience and the warnings, that were like tiny sharp electric pulses along the surface of her skin, suggested discretion.

Maiel’s assign lay below, through several floors, ready to disconnect from a bio-interface appliance, or bio-vessel, which made her time in Samsara possible. When the divide occurred, Maiel would guide the girl to Zion where the energy converged back to full consciousness in her real home. That process required all of Maiel’s attention. This wasn’t the time to have a lark and go hunting.

The smell of sulfur tingled in Maiel’s nose. She scowled at the city, trying to detect the direction it came from. A deep frown turned the corners of her mouth down, making her resemble the common expression of her eldest akha. The hospital was rank with the dregs of Jahannam, mostly shades and imps, stealing treasures for the princes of Abaddon to curry their favor. The oath breakers filled the city in great numbers, darkening the paths of those trying to rise, and fanning the flames of war between Zion and Jahannam by disobeying the demarcations. That flirting had caused the other races in Samsara to crack down hard. Some succeeded in destroying their inroads. Some still struggled to do so. The struggling posed a dangerous threat to all of Samsara and thus alliances were made and greater threats yet unseen built up in yet unknown places.

Stepping back down, Maiel faced a dark-hued erela who waited in silence behind her. The second guardian was also a captain, but of the Order of Horus. Upon her figure she wore a breastplate of gold scales with a winged scarab over her heart. A golden falcon helmet covered her neatly arranged braids. A pair of sable wings shifted on her back. Clear black eyes pondered Maiel, as she waited for direction.

“I smell a mudeater,” Maiel told her.

The darker erela’s eyes glinted eagerly. A flash of white teeth revealed her disgust. Maiel nodded with a mix of the same emotions. She glanced over her shoulder. A gloomy, distracted expression drew her features down. Her energy pattern flickered.

“I’ll keep the way open,” the dusky erela said, raising her hand to produce an ethereal seal. “I still don’t know why they didn’t involve the outposts. This would be easy as pie and the package certain to be delivered.”

“You know how they are, Zaajah,” Maiel sighed.

“The fewer the better,” Zaajah said wryly.

Blue light formed in the air at Zaajah’s fingertips, concentric circles marked by ancient script. In the center, a diamond and concave-sided square merged, surrounded by more circles. Lastly, a crisscross set of parallel lines intersected. Zaajah touched the center and opened the door back to Zion. A tiny glimpse of the orange sunset over a vast city of impossible heights lay beyond the rift in space.


**About the Author**
Born in Saratoga, New York, where she continues to reside, K. Williams embarked on a now twenty year career in writing. After a childhood, which consisted of voracious reading and hours of film watching, it was a natural progression to study and work in the arts.

K attended the State University of new York at Morrisville, majoring in the Biological Sciences, and then continued with English and Historical studies at the University at Albany (home of the New York State Writer's Institute) gaining here Bachelor's Degree. While attending UA, K interned with the 13th Moon Feminist Literary Magazine, bridging her interests in social movements and art.

Currently, K has completed the MALS program for Film Studies and Screenwriting at Empire State College (SUNY), and is the 2013-2014 recipient of the Foner Fellowship in Arts and Social Justice. K continues to write and is working on the novels of the Trailoyka Trilogy, a work that deals with topics in Domestic Violence and crosses the controversial waters of organized religion and secularism. A sequel to OP-DEC is in the research phase, while the adaptation is being shopped to interested film companies. Excerpts of these and more writings can be found at:

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