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MARIAH's THOUGHTS on Damien Season 1 Episode 3 - "The Deliverer"

About the Show:
Damien Thorn (James Bradley) discovers that he is the Antichrist. He must confront his past and cope with the truth of who and what he is.

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Television Network:

Supernatural/Paranormal Drama

Series based on:

TV-14 V,L

Created by:
Glen Mazzara

Bradley James - Damien Thorn
Barbara Hershey - Ann Rutledge
Megalyn E.K. - Simone Baptiste
Omid Abtahi - Amani Golkar
Scott Wilson - John Lyons
David Meunier - Detective Shay
Robin Weigert - Sister Greta Fraueva


Episode 3: "The Deliverer"
Damien consults John Lyons, an old friend, about Rutledge's intentions, while Simone turns to the Church for answers. Shay comes face to face with an unexpected visitor. After a mysterious death, Rutledge gains Damien's trust.


*My Thoughts*
Damien's memory and story continue to unravel before him as he investigates his past and destiny as the Antichrist. He struggles between his own good nature to help people and the ongoing deaths that surround him.

Not only is Damien being pulled into his title as the Antichrist, others such as Kelly’s sister and Detective James Shay (David Meunier) begin to investigate Damien and this crazy, apocalyptic destiny. Will all these people die in order for Damien to fulfill his role? They might survive and serve as emissaries of God, but it’s not certain until we hit that episode. The reoccurring character of Ann pursues protective watch over Damien and reveals to us she’s been watching since he was a child. Her obsession is stalker-like and she refuses to hand over this responsibility to anyone else, going as far to make Damien feel like this new person is a threat therefore causing their inevitable death.

Damien must try to understand himself, this destiny, and try not to get innocent people killed along the way. Unbeknownst to him, he has his own emissaries (the Rottweilers, Ann, demonic intervention) killing for him and without his need for his intent, whether it be determination or a little curiosity.

However, this episode seemed to focus more on Ann and her obsession with Damien. A few minutes into the episode we find her home littered with his photography and her basement shrine containing various items from his childhood. Noticeably, we see Damien’s old tricycle from The Omen scene when he unintentionally pushed his mother of a step stool, his first camera, school uniform, etc. It seems more than obvious that she is just one of his followers. Later on in the episode, Ann reveals her own 666 mark on her leg. Is this a requirement for all of Damien’s followers or does Ann have a special role in his destiny as the Antichrist?

The characters continue to delve deeper into Damien’s story. We see death and blood, all for Damien to walk down the path decided for him. He didn’t want this or at least he hasn’t decided on this path yet. It’s too much for anyone to take in and there wouldn’t be anyone to talk to. Should he continue to be the human he was raised as or accept his title as the Antichrist, False Messiah?

Until the next dark episode.

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