Saturday, March 19, 2016

JASMINE's THOUGHTS on Damien Season 1 Episode 2 - "Second Death"

About the Show:
Damien Thorn (James Bradley) discovers that he is the Antichrist. He must confront his past and cope with the truth of who and what he is.

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Television Network:

Supernatural/Paranormal Drama

Series based on:

TV-14 V,L

Created by:
Glen Mazzara

Bradley James - Damien Thorn
Barbara Hershey - Ann Rutledge
Megalyn E.K. - Simone Baptiste
Omid Abtahi - Amani Golkar
Scott Wilson - John Lyons
David Meunier - Detective Shay
Robin Weigert - Sister Greta Fraueva


Episode 2 ; "Second Death" Synopsis:
Damien's secret is out, making him the target of several conspiracies. Detective Shay (David Meunier) interrogates Damien, but Ann Rutledge (Barbara Hershey), a mysterious benefactor, intercedes.


*My Thoughts*

We continue to unlock Damien's memory and reveal more about who and what he is. Taking clips from the original The Omen film and integrating it as flashbacks definitely adds to the suspense and struggle that Damien faces.

After learning who is, Damien researches into what being the "Antichrist" means. He learns the very dark truth of it. Even during Kelly's funeral, Damien feels extremely odd and sick sitting in the church, which relates to a scene in The Omen. Moreover, Ann Rutledge seems to be watching his every move. Who is she? She seems to know a lot about Damien and the Thorn family. Does she have the answers Damien is looking for?

Odd "accidents" seem to be happening around Damien, wherever he goes. Just like the film, death seems to follow him, especially in regards to keeping him safe...including those Rottweiler dogs, just like in the film. Wow! I just love how true to the film they want to make it.

Just into the second episode, the series continues to introduce viewers to all the characters that will be involved in this struggle with the Antichrist. As the series continues to open, it is apparent that Damien definitely has a struggle within himself as truth reveals itself to him. He also learns that there are those who "follow" him and those that want to kill him... just like in the film. But, this time, he's grown up and he will have to decide for himself...will he take his place as the "Antichrist"... the "False Messiah."

This just keeps getting darker and ominous. We can see the "evil" at work in keeping and helping Damien realize what he is supposed to do. Of course, the music just adds to that suspense...just like the film! Moreover, the series unquestionably shows as a drama since Damien's conflict within himself to deal with it all...emotionally and psychologically, is currently the focus in the first season of this freshman series. Damien is, after all, still human. I'm looking forward to more episodes.

Until the next dark episode.

For now, here's a preview of Episode 3 - "The Deliverer"

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