Wednesday, October 28, 2015

RECAP: Twilight 10th Anniversary Tour with Stephenie Meyer

It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since Twilight...the book...was released! Wow! How time flies! And look at how far this book has come for bestselling author Stephenie Meyer! I took me a while to finally write my recap, but the job keeps getting in the way...hahaha!!!


I was in awe when that realization came to light when I found out that Stephenie Meyer went on tour for this. I even got more excited when there was a tour date in Los Angeles that I was able to go to! There was actually two days that Stephenie had tour stops at Barnes & Noble at The Grove and the other at The Last Bookstore, both in Los Angeles. Luckily, the event date for The Last Bookstore was on my day off! Yes! What did I do!?! I purchased an event ticket and planned out my day!

Giving myself plenty of time to drive out to L.A., I arrived with a couple of hours to spare. However, before I even got to park my car, I already noticed a line outside of the store...haha! It was great! Many fans of various ages, came out from all around, to this exciting event!

Being my first time to an event at this particular venue was somewhat apprehensive since I was unsure about how they organize their events. Moreover, I was glad that they did close their doors to the public an hour before the event, so that they can set up for the Q&A. The event even included a professional photographer to take photos. At this particular event, The Last Bookstore had two types of tickets: a Q&A + signing ticket and a signing ONLY ticket. I got the Q&A + signing ticket! Yes, I did! I was not going to drive out to L.A. for just a! Besides, it has been a long while since Stephenie Meyer was out on tour! What made it even more memorable and exciting was that, on this particular day, The Last Bookstore was the last stop on Stephenie's Twilight 10th Anniversary Tour!

We even had a bonus special guest at this event! OMG! I was so excited to find out that Jake Abel was going to moderate the Q&A! Of course, I was already a fan since his part in Supernatural, then when he starred in the film adaptation of Stephenie's adult novel, The Host. What a treat was that! Yes, it was...hahaha!! I was able to record most of the Q&A that was filled with many laughs with these two amazing people! 


Watch it now!

After the brief Q&A was the signing! I really liked how they organized the signing...with wristbands! Yes, they called up fans, twenty at a time, to get their book(s) signed and photo with Stephenie taken. It was great! At first though, there were those who got confused on which three numbers on the wristband they were calling out...haha! Yes, they did say the last 3-4 digits on the wristband...LOL! was awesome! Made some new friends, saw some familiar was definitely a lot of fun and worth the day in L.A.!

Jasmine with bestselling author Stephenie Meyer

All the while we were in line for the signing, we were looking around for Jake, in hopes that we could catch him for a photo op and signing...haha! Alas, we were not able to roam around in the store. After the signing and photo op with Stephenie, we were directed to the exit...<sigh>. But, that was totally okay since Jake actually exited the store! Yes! We were hanging out just outside the exit; and, low and behold, Jake walked out! OMG moment! Yes! Jake signed my The Host memorabilia...Yay!

Jasmine with Jake Abel (Supernatural, The Host)

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