Thursday, October 29, 2015

RECAP: Discussion & Signing with Jennifer L. Armentrout, Monica Murphy & Melody Grace

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that Jennifer L. Armentrout was going to be out in Los Angeles! In addition this amazing author, Jennifer L. Armentrout was also in good company with bestselling authors Monica Murphy and Melody Grace! It was a triple delight of excitement for booknerds! 'Coz I know I was since this was the first time meeting these amazing authors! Not only that...Jennifer L. Armentrout brought two special guests with her! Yes! She brought the book cover models Drew Leighty and Pepe Toth from the Titan Series and the Lux Series, respectively! Whoa! What a treat!

Thankfully, I was able to attend this amazing event that was held at the Barnes & Noble in Calabasas, California! was a Saturday, and L.A. traffic wasn't too bad! Yay! L.A. traffic is such a pain to drive in...ugh! Anyways, after picking up fellow fangirl Mina (My Fangirl Chronicles), we were on our way to Calabasas! After arriving at Barnes & Noble, Mina and I had plenty of time to roam the store since it was the first time we visited that store. As we waited, a couple more fangirl friends joined us for this fun event!

The Barnes & Noble in Calabasas is really a nice store! Jane and the staff were awesome in handling the event, but, at first, I wasn't sure if the entire staff had correct information...just saying. It didn't seem like they all were on the "same page" in regards to the details of the event. But, in the end, the event had a pretty good turn out! I got to finally meet three amazing authors!

Check out what I was able to record of the discussion...before my battery ran out...haha! Watch it now! However, I must warn you that the sound isn't great, no mics were used, so there will be parts that is barely audible. But, I think I got most of it.

After that fun discussion, the signing ensued right after the chairs were removed and the tables set up. Everyone lined up to their perspective authors. Most everyone lined up for Jennifer L. Armentrout; however, I took advantage of the long line for Jennifer that I went over to meet Monica Murphy and Melody Grace!

Jasmine with bestselling author Monica Murphy
Jasmine with bestselling author Melody Grace

I was totally gushing like a! No way I was going to hold back! The excitement was infectious! I was able to chat a bit with both authors, and it was so delightful to be able to chat with them about books and books to come.

We didn't just meet authors, we met two book cover models, too! It is so cool to meet the models that are on the covers of favorite! We also got to meet Pepe Toth (LUX Series) and Drew Leighty (Titan Series)!

Jasmine w/ Pepe Toth
Jasmine w/ Drew Leighty

All in all, we had a blast the entire afternoon! Meeting all these amazing people made the day worth the drive out! Oh...and we even got all our books signed! Yes...all! We weren't the only ones with a bunch of books. We even saw someone who brought a luggage full of books for Jennifer to! Yah...that's the life of a booknerd! Gotta love it!

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