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BLOG TOUR: He Found Me by Whitney Barbetti

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for He Found Me, part 1 of a two-part series, by Whitney Barbetti! We are very excited to kickoff this exciting book tour! Don't forget to enter the awesome giveaway at the end of this post!

New Adult Romantic Suspense
He Found Me Series
Publish Date:
May 22, 2014

For mature readers 18+
Contains adult content

When I was seventeen, I disappeared. I walked out the door of my apartment with a backpack and never looked back. I left the life of Cora Mitchell behind, seeking freedom from my real-life nightmare.

But my freedom came with a cost. I lived a fictitious life for the next six years, never letting anyone close enough to see underneath the façade that was Andra Walker.

I was content with my simple little life.

Until I met Julian.

And the moment I started allowing myself to open up, allowing someone to see through the superficial, was the very same moment the Monster from my past would return to find me.


In an instant, I’d walked right into a wall. Or, it only felt that way. I was chest to chest with a wall of muscle that belonged to one Julian Jameson, currently clothed in a navy blue fitted tee, lying against his torso so that it was perfectly contoured to his muscles. I barely registered the warm hands that wrapped around my bare upper arms, steadying me.
My breath caught before I tilted my head up, meeting his deep, cocoa powder brown eyes. My eyes moved over that short hair on his beautifully sculpted jawline before meeting his eyes again and I bit my lip. This was the closest I’d been to him, face to face, breathing the same air. I’m not sure how long we stood there, looking at each other. I became aware of his breath, warm on my face. Cinnamon and sandalwood permeated the few inches of air that separated us.
“Andra,” he said, the sound gravelly in his throat. His hands left my upper arms, and I nearly stumbled backwards from the loss of warmth. He made a move to grab me again, but I stepped backwards, out of reach. My hands gripped the banana peel and water bottle, grounding me, reminding me of what I was doing.
“I was just swimming,” I blurted out. It sounded defensive. Why?
Julian allowed a smile to lift one side of his lips. “I know,” he murmured. He looked pointedly at the bikini top before looking back at me. I saw his Adam’s apple bob in his neck before he took a hesitant step backwards. The distance felt like an ocean in regards to breathing room, but I was still wrapped up in his presence and felt the goose bumps rise up on my skin instantaneously. “I was coming to find you. Does seven still work for you?”
I nodded, and licked my lips. “I was just heading up to get ready. I’m guessing bikini wear is out for wherever we’re going?” I gestured across my body with my water bottle.
Julian’s eyes raked over my torso. A muscle twitched in his jaw. “Unfortunately, yes. Dinner in a restaurant is what I’d planned on.” His voice sounded gruff and I was pleased that he seemed to be tracking the movement of the droplets of water sliding down my front, disappearing into the towel around my hips.
I smirked, feeling a little more level headed. “What didn’t you plan on?” I exaggerated a wink, attempting to lighten the heady tension.
Julian laughed and tucked one hand in a pocket of his khaki cargo shorts. “You. I definitely didn’t plan on you.” He drew his free hand through his hair and shook his head, an amused expression lightening up his features.
It could have sounded like a line coming from anyone else, but from Julian, it felt natural, and honest. An area deep within my chest bloomed with warmth. I couldn’t help the smile that curved my lips. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”
I stepped around him, intending to head to my cabin before his hand on my shoulder stopped me. I looked at him with an eyebrow raised.
He looked at me with an unspoken question on his lips, eyebrows drawn together in concentration, before reaching behind me, cradling the back of my head. My eyes closed involuntarily and I sucked in breath through trembling lips. I felt his fingers delve into my hair, right under the bun I’d made. And, just as soon as I’d readied myself to be pulled closer, I felt his fingers skillfully remove my hair tie, allowing my hair to cascade down my back.
I opened my eyes, watching his face as he brushed a hand through my hair, resting his hand on my back right where the hair ended, just below the bikini’s strings. His features softened, his expression turned appreciative. “Wear your hair down,” he murmured, “tonight.”
I didn't trust my voice just then. I met his eyes and nodded. His hand slipped away from my back and he smiled tightly at me before abruptly turning away and walking up towards the big house.


*Whitney's Dream Cast for He Found Me*
Phoebe Tonkin as Andra

Simone Bredariol as Julian

Sela Ward as Rosa

Kelly Slater as Six

Aaron Hill as Dylan

Check out Whitney's Pinterest board full of character chasing and scenes:


*Whitney's book soundtrack for He Found Me*

Forever Like That by Ben Rector

Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

Quicksand by Sleeping At Last

All I Need by Within Temptation

Stop and Stare by One Republic

Name by The Goo Goo Dolls

Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar

Killer Queen by Queen

Untouched by The Veronicas

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz


*Whitney's Playlist while writing He Found Me*
Skinny Love by Birdy
Never Stop by SafetySuit
Almost Love by A Fine Frenzy
Bloodstream by Stateless
All Through the Night by Sleeping At Last
Losing Your Memory by Ryan Star
In My Arms by Plumb
Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine.
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars
Unbroken Promise by Erick Baker
What I Wouldn’t Give by Holly Brook
Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran
I Was Wrong by Sleeperstar
Sea of Love by Cat Power


**About the Author**
Whitney Barbetti
I am married with two boys. When I’m not changing diapers or cutting food into tiny bites, I escape to Starbucks for hours.

I love music and have a playlist for everything.

I like watching creepy shows when I am home alone but then I instantly regret them once my mind starts breeding irrational fears.

I have about 20 bacon things in my fridge.

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