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BLOG TOUR: Dreamer by Becca Johnson

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Dreamer, the debut Young Adult novel, by Becca Johnson!

Young Adult Mystery Romance
Publish Date:
June 7, 2014
Black Opal Books

Fifteen-year-old Rory Adair has a secret she never reveals to anyone--dreams that foreshadow what is to come. Excited about finally meeting the hot, tall, blue-eyed guy from one of those dreams, she is shocked when he turns out to be identical twin brothers Bryce and Ryder Wyatt, both of whom take an instant interest in her and compete for her attention. As Rory tries to use her secret ability to help her decide which brother to ask to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, the dreams start to change.

Something bad is going to happen, but before she can figure out how to warn her friends without revealing her secret, her best friend Stacy goes missing. Rory teams up with Bryce, who has a secret ability of his own. Together they use their abilities, intellect, and gut instinct to find the missing women. Can Rory sort through her feelings for the Wyatt brothers--and find her friend--before she loses them all?



     “Hi, Rory,” Ryder greeted me as he opened the door. “I’m glad that you came early, come on in.”
     “It smells like chocolate chip cookies in here,” I loved the smell of cookies right out of the oven.
     “My mom’s baking. Here, I’ll take your coat and then I’ll give you a tour of the house.”
     Ryder hung up my coat in the hall closet and then started for a door in the foyer, which I imagine went down to the basement. My heart resumed its pounding. I followed him down the stairs.
     Yes, this was my dream. There was the flat screen TV on the wall, foosball table, poker table, and then the drafting table over near the french doors leading to the outside.
     The Wyatts lived in the new part of our subdivision. The houses were larger and built on a slope so they had walk-out basements.
     “This is our entertainment room,” Ryder told me.
     “This is great,” I commented.
     Ryder looked pleased as he smiled at me. He took hold of my hand again.
     We heard a timer go off.
     “Excuse me, just a second.” Ryder ran up the stairs.
     I walked over to the drafting table, where Bryce’s sketchpad was. I opened it up to see the portrait of myself. I once again was shocked at how perfectly it portrayed me.
     “You weren’t supposed to see that.”
     I turned around slowly, and Bryce was standing behind me.
     I handed him the sketchpad with it still open to my portrait. He looked down at the portrait he had drawn of me. Then he looked into my eyes. His blue eyes were electric, vivid, and intense.
     “It doesn’t completely capture your beauty.” He closed the sketchpad, placed his right hand under my chin, and raised my gaze to meet his.
     “You have no idea how beautiful you are.”
     I didn’t know what to say. I had thought there was a chance he would be mad at me for looking at his sketchpad. He wasn’t mad, that was for sure. He had my blood pumping hard through my body. He was standing so close. I could feel his breath on my face.
     “You may be going to the dance with Ryder, but I am not going to give up hope for the chance of you and me.”
     We heard footsteps upstairs and the door open to the basement. Bryce removed his hand from my face and took two steps away from me, our eyes still locked together.
     I knew that I wasn’t capable of saying anything right now. I was being pursued by two guys and they were twins. I had never had someone look into my eyes like Bryce just had, with so much intensity and emotion. I wished I could have a moment alone just to catch my breath.
     Ryder strolled up to us. “Did you finish showing Rory the basement?”
     Bryce shook his head yes and turned to go up the stairs.
    Ryder took my hand in his. “Sorry, I had to get the cookies out of the oven and take them off the cookie sheets. I’ll give you the rest of the tour.”
     I was relieved that I didn’t have to say anything and that he didn’t seem disturbed by Bryce and I being in the basement together.
     We went back upstairs and I heard voices coming from the kitchen. Ryder led the way, still holding onto my hand. His mom was putting cookies on the cookie sheet and Bryce was leaning on the counter talking to her while he ate a warm cookie. I did not see his sketchpad with him.
     Mrs. Wyatt smiled warmly at me. “You must be Rory.”
     “It is nice to meet you. It smells wonderful in here.”
“Help yourself.” She gestured toward the cookies. Ryder reached over and grabbed two handing one to me.

**About the Author**
Born and raised in Michigan, Becca Johnson has always lived a dual life. One as a normal girl growing up in the suburbs of Detroit and the other of a girl in her own fantasy world.

Becca's fantasy world is much more exciting than real life. She is a high school history and health teacher. She believes that teaching is one of the greatest and most rewarding jobs that there is. Other than being a parent of course.

In Becca's free time when she is not writing or reading, she is with her son, traveling, cooking, or playing outside. She loves to take magic carpet rides to faraway places to find fairies and hunt for dragons. A day inside her head is always entertaining!

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