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Vampire Academy L.A. Premiere Fan Experience

February 4, 2014, on a clear Tuesday afternoon, my daughter, Mariah, and I made our way to L.A. for the Vampire Academy premiere! Thankfully, traffic was light; hence, we made it to the premiere venue with about one hour to spare! After exiting the freeway, Mariah and I noticed a line along the side wall of the Regal Cinema. Yes! Many Vampire Academy fans were in line with Gofobo passes to watch the movie with the cast! I even spotted a few friends who were lucky enough to snag tickets! Unfortunately, Mariah and I didn't have tickets, so we just enjoyed the fun at the fan barricade with the other many fans that awaited the arrival the cast members of this upcoming film. We will be able to watch it when it hits theaters Friday, February 7! We are so looking forward to it! Hence, the fan barricade experience!

We saw that a good amount of fans have gathered at the barricade that was set up earlier during the day. Mariah and I spotted several friends at different ends of the barricade. Many fans were waiting as early as the early morning hours! Now that's devoted fans! Moreover, the day before the premiere, several of the cast members participated in the Vampire Academy Mall Tour which made a stop at The Grove in L.A. Monday, 2/3, evening! Alas...another event I had to miss due to my job. But, I heard many fun details from several of my friends that attended...obviously an amazing event that I had no choice to miss out on...<sigh>. However, the premiere made up for that...haha!!

Although the evening was chilly, everyone endured the chill for a chance meeting with the amazing cast of Vampire Academy. As soon as the sun went down, the cast started to arrive! To kick off the festivities of this premiere night, Ellen K of KIIS FM hosted! As the cast and celebrity guests arrived, they each took the stage and chatted a bit with Ellen K.
Ellen K
Ellen K interviewing Emma Rose Kenney
Ellen K interviewing Cameron Monaghan
Ellen K interviewing Mark Waters
Ellen K interviewing Dominic Sherwood
Ellen K interviewing Sami Gayle
Ellen K interviewing Sarah Hyland
Ellen K interviewing Danila Kozlovsky
Ellen K interviewing Dominique Tipper
Ellen K interviewing Peyton List
Ellen K interviewing Zoey Deutch
Ellen K interviewing Joely Richardson
Ellen K interviewing Olga Kurylenko
Ellen K interviewing Holland Roden
Ellen K interviewing Cassie Scerbo

What an amazing turn out! So many celebrity guests to share with the cast on the premiere of Vampire Academy! I was absolutely giddy with excitement...along with all the other fans that were witness to this fun event. Although Mariah doesn't show her excitement too often, I could tell that she was excited and had fun. As exciting as the watching the interviews live that wasn't the kicker that made it all too memorable! To add to this fan experience, several of the cast, namely Dominic Sherwood, Danila Kozlovsky, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Sarah Hyland and Olga Kurylenko, walked out to the fan barricade to greet awaiting fans, sign Vampire Academy memorabilia and take photo ops with them!
Dominic Sherwood

Danila Kozlovsky
Zoey Deutch
Lucy Fry
Sarah Hyland

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To sum it all up...we left all too giddy with excitement! We got to greet these amazing actors up close and personal. Plus, many fans, including us, got posters, book and other memorabilia signed by them. But, before I bring this to a close, we even got a glimpse of Zoey and Danila getting up close and personal in a hug in celebration for their new film.

All in all, the trip out to Los Angeles for this premiere, like the other favorites of ours, was definitely a memorable fan experience. The fun, excitement and welcome atmosphere made it all too amazing!
My signed VA poster
Mariah with Lucy Fry
Jasmine with Lucy Fry
Mariah with Sarah Hyland
Jasmine with Sarah Hyland

For now, here's the latest TV spot for Vampire Academy:

Vampire Academy hits theaters Friday, February 7!

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