Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jessica Brody's UNFORGOTTEN Launch Party Fan Fun + Giveaway!

Finally, after a couple of hectic days, I can finally sit down and write up my post on this amazing and fun event with Jessica Brody! Whew!

The start of this week started with a "bang," specifically the launch party for Jessica Brody's second book in the Unremembered trilogy. My daughter, Mariah, and I was definitely excited to be able to hang out with Jessica Brody and friends. So, yah, we were in booknerd heaven to be at the Unforgotten Launch Party, hosted by Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach, CA. Of course, in addition to Jessica Brody's author friends and other fans, Mariah and I partied with several familiar fangirl faces. In addition to all the fun and laughter at the launch party, we were able to get Unforgotten a day before its release! Woo hoo! Could it get any more awesome!!! 

We have visited this particular bookstore on several occasions to attend events for our favorite authors. Monday, February 24, was definitely a night we did not want to miss. So, of course, since my TBR list just keeps getting longer, many books on my list gets shifted about. I made an exception for this event. I read the first book, Unremembered, less than two days! I was completely engrossed into the story of Sera's struggle to get her memories back. I loved the book! Check out my review on Unremembered, here! It definitely was a good read! Now, I am looking forward to reading Unforgotten.

It was great to meet up with Jessica Brody, again. She's such an amazing author and speaker. She had everyone laughing as she told her story of being a writer. Just check out the video clips to see how much fun everyone had as Jessica talked about Unforgotten and answered some audience questions. After the fun and amazing talk with Jessica Brody, we were also ecstatic to find Gretchen McNeil and Jennifer Bosworth in attendance to celebrate and to support Jessica on her latest book release! How awesome was that! And, we finally got to meet Jennifer Bosworth...YAY!
Mariah with Jennifer Bosworth
Jasmine with Jennifer Bosworth
Gretchen McNeil, Jessica Brody & friend Nadine!

View the Unforgotten Launch Party album, here!

After the fun and hilarious talk and Q&A, the signing commenced. Jessica was amazingly gracious as she made the time to chat with everyone. As can be viewed in these video clips, everyone had a great time! We even had cupcakes...yummy!

As the party started to wind down, Mariah and I had to say our good-byes to everyone since we still had a long drive home to look forward to. Nevertheless, we still came home with...yup, swag! Without further ado, let's have a giveaway to celebrate the release of Unforgotten, Jessica Brody's second novel in the Unremembered trilogy.


***The Giveaway***
Signed Girls Gone Sci-Fi poster
Signed bookmarks & bookplates, buttons &
temporary barcode tattoos, same one on Sera's wrist

Giveaway is open Internationally


  1. Don't have a fav; haven't read many

    1. I think Jessica Brody's Unremembered & Unforgotten will be a good start on reading some sci-fi! I still have to read Unforgotten, but Unremembered was definitely an amazing read. :)

  2. I haven't read any sci fi novels so I don't have a favorite

    1. Then Jessica Brody's Unremembered trilogy would be a great start on reading in this genre! :)

  3. Mila 2.0, and Cinder and Scarlet! I loved them :-)