Friday, August 2, 2013

Riddick 2013 - Official R Rated Restricted Red Band Trailer - HD

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Check out this Riddick Red Band trailer which was released for Comic Con 2013!

Oh yeah! This Red Band trailer of Riddick was released during the Riddick panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2013! 
The full length official Red Band trailer for Riddick has been released to tie in the Comic-Con panel for Vin Diesel's upcoming sci-fi action movie. The trailer reveals new R rated content reminding audiences just how dangerous Riddick really is!  
It covers the same scene featuring the ever-cocky Riddick and the rather naive bounty hunters but with extra explicit content that will no doubt appeal to Riddick's hardcore fans.
Vin Diesel and David Twohy didn't want to reveal too much during the film's panel but you can get some excerpts from the discussion.
Excerpts from the Riddick panel at SDCC 2013:
Vin Diesel: "When the audience asked for this movie to be Rated-R, it actually helped us get the movie made, because we didn't have to spend $200 million to make the movie. The film maintains the style and tempo of Pitch Black, while still servicing the mythology. You will end up in the Underverse."
Discussing the influence of Dungeons and Dragons on his career: "Dungeons & Dragons was a training ground for my imagination in so many ways. I have friends in Hollywood that tease me, saying I'm attempting to 'DM' Hollywood. We would act out these characters that we were playing. It didn't take more than a couple of hours before you really believed that you were this witch hunter and the dice that you were rolling was really your weapon."
David Twohy: "Once we realized we were not going to be a studio picture and we were going to be an independent movie, it became daunting and exciting. Production meetings were in Vin's kitchen. He'd roam around, trying not to smoke his American Spirits." 
Katee Sackhoff: "Science fiction fans are the most loyal fans in the world. They'll watch things that [we] actually should give them their money back for and love it and create drinking games for it."

My Thoughts

Whoa!! Talk about Red Band trailer!!! Gotta love Vin Diesel for reprising his role as Riddick. I don't think I can see anyone else play the part...haha!! I definitely enjoyed the first two films, Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick. I am, after all, a sci-fi nerd...haha!  

I am definitely looking forward to seeing this soon.

Riddick hits theaters September 6, 2013

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