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NovelReality's Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 9 - The Girl Who Knew Too Much Recap & Review!

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My Thoughts

This episode definitely had suspense! The Darach is finally revealed! Whoa! Better not get ahead of myself...haha! The episode just had to begin with a "sacrifice!" Yup! Deputy Tara (Mieko Hillman) fell victim to these murders. But, Tara's death hits Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) hard since she's been there since he was younger...she helped him with his homework! With the increasing deaths in town, everyone is "up in arms" trying to solve the mystery and find out who the killer/Darach is. 

It is evident that Ethan (Charlie Carver) really likes Danny (Keahu Kahuanui), but Aiden (Max Carver) is definitely not having it, especially after he threatens Ethan that he will "rip the flesh off" of Danny's face and eat it...sheesh!! That's harsh! All the while, Scott (Tyler Posey) and Dylan thinks of a way to separate Ethan and Aiden, so that they can talk to Ethan alone. Of course, they got Lydia (Holland Roden) to distract Aiden...haha! Wow!! We even find out a bit about the twins past...they were omegas of their pack until Deaucalion got a hold of them...Whoa!
As in the last episode, we got a flashback of the history of most of the alphas. Very interesting!

Funny how Scott sends Isaac to keep an eye on Allison...haha!! Isaac isn't doing a very good job at it when Allison has a dagger at his throat...ha! Apparently, more clues are revealed on Mr. Argent's (JR Bourne) desk as Allison (Crystal Reed) and Isaac (Daniel Sharman) comes to find. With what they find, Allison is uneasy since she thinks that her Dad could be the Darach...say what!!??!! 

On a lighter note, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Ms. Blake (Haley Webb) have an intimate moment...Awww! With all this chaos, some people found "love," will it last?

At this point, I'm at the "edge of my seat!" As every scene passes, a little bit of the past is revealed, clues are found and another "sacrifice" has been taken...the second person was a teacher! Hmmm... 

Moving forward, Scott sits down with Ms. Morell (Bianca Lawson) for "guidance" on the whole situation.  All the while, Stiles tries to figure out a way to tell his Dad (Linden Ashby) the truth about what's going on, and he recruits Cora (Adelaide Kane) to "show" Sheriff Stilinski the "truth." 

Funny how Crystal and Isaac seem to have a good amount of scenes together. They find the missing teacher, see the Darach, and find out that Mr. Argent has been hunting the Darach. On the flip side, Stiles and Scott figures out that "philosophers" refers to teachers.  Oops...a third "sacrifice" will happen. And, of course, the memorial recital is the perfect place to "sacrifice" the third "philosopher" since all the teachers are in attendance...Aye! 

To have all the "players" in one place...IS nerve-wracking! But, whoa, when Lydia is lured away from everyone, thinking Aiden sent her a text message, she goes to an empty classroom where she comes face to face with the, Ms. Blake!!??!! Whoa! That did take me by surprise...hahaha!!! But, Victoria did call it! Yes, before the episode aired, Victoria and I had an intense conversation over the phone about theories on who could be the Darach! And, one of her theories was Ms. Blake is the Darach.  At this point, as well, we find out what Lydia is...whoa! Yup! She's a banshee...the "wailing woman!"  Whoa! So, that explains a lot...haha!! It's also interesting how the werewolves reacted to Lydia's wailing...Wow! Good thing, how else would Scott been able to find her before Ms. Blake killed her!!??!! But, before Scott gets there, Sheriff Stilinski gets there first...and, boy, did he witness some supernatural beings. Yes, he finally saw a werewolf...specifically Scott! Whoa! During the scuffle, Ms. Blake makes off with the Sheriff....yes, as in "guardians!" Will he be the next "sacrifice?"  

I am definitely a nervous wreck after watching this episode...<sigh>! Haha!! First, the suspenseful way that the mystery unraveled, learning the history of the twins, the Sheriff sees the "truth," and the revelation of not only the Darach, but also Lydia being a Banshee. Wow! Each episode just keeps kicking up a notch of increasing suspense and thrills. 

This is definitely a season not to miss! Until the next episode!

Here's a sneak peek of MTV's Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 10

Working with the Darach

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Awesome job Victoria!!!

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