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BLOG TOUR: The Circus Thief by Alane Adams

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour + Giveaway for Alane AdamsThe Circus Thief! We are thrilled to be participating on this fun blog tour! Today, we have a Ten's List to share! And, the topic of this list is "Ten Reasons Why to Read The Circus Thief."  Let's see what those reasons are! So... Check it out and grab your copy now!!! Don't forget to follow the tour, HERE!

Historical Fiction
Publish Date:
November 6, 2018


The circus is in town, and Georgie has his heart set on going. When Papa agrees to take him and his friend Harley, the boys marvel at the amazing elephants and clowns. But the best act of all is the amazing Roxie, a trained horse who can do all sorts of tricks. When Georgie is invited to ride on her back, he discovers it’s her last show―Roxie is going to be sent to the work farm! When Roxie bolts with Georgie on her back, Papa must come to his rescue. 

The Circus Thief is a heartwarming tale of boyhood set in 1920s Pennsylvania for children ages 4–8.  



*Ten Reasons to Read The Circus Thief*

1. The illustrations are amazing.
2. It has a circus horse!
3. It teaches kids that doing your chores has its rewards.
4. It gives kids a glimpse of life in the 1920s.
5. It’s a delightful book to read together.
6. Kids will want to read it over and over again.
7. Georgie’s excitement is infectious. Kids will be begging to go to the circus!
8. When papa buys the horse, even though money is tight, we see what a big heart he has.
9. It’s the fourth and final Thief book.
10. The illustrations—did I mention them? They really are outstanding.



“The circus is bursting with amazing sights and sounds, from clowns and elephants to a lady with a beard, in The Circus Thief, a delightfully nostalgic tale of compassion, kindness, and generosity.” ―Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Bright, brave characters star in this exhilarating tale of magic and mystical creatures.” ―Kirkus Reviews


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**About the Author**
Photo Content from Alane Adams
Alane Adams is a children’s author, professor, and literacy advocate. She is the author of the Legends of Orkney fantasy mythology series for tweens; she also writes Early American picture books for young children. Adams lives in Southern California. 

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