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MARIAH's THOUGHTS on Damien Season 1 Episode 9 - "The Devil You Know"

About the Show:
Damien Thorn (James Bradley) discovers that he is the Antichrist. He must confront his past and cope with the truth of who and what he is.

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Television Network:

Supernatural/Paranormal Drama

Based on the film:
The Omen

TV-14 V, L

Created by:
Glen Mazzara

Bradley James - Damien Thorn
Barbara Hershey - Ann Rutledge
Megalyn E.K. - Simone Baptiste
Omid Abtahi - Amani Golkar
Scott Wilson - John Lyons
David Meunier - Detective Shay
Robin Weigert - Sister Greta Fraueva


Episode 9: "The Devil You Know"
Damien seeks Greta's help. Simone uses Veronica to get to Rutledge.


*My Thoughts*

The only sensible one here seems to be Simone. You know, Kelly’s sister, the one trying to get the dying girl to a hospital, and get Damien some help. Although, pointing out that there is a nun from the Vatican wasn’t helpful in the end. The amount of drama that can be added to Damien is just endless. The two major parties consist of the those in the Church and Lyons Corporation i.e. Antichrist worshipers. There is so much free will to go around that it causes more stress on poor Damien. Exhibit A being Damien as a human being, B being Simone as a bystander, C being Detective Shay trying to enforce the law, etc. If a third major party were to arrive in the series to make things more complicated, Damien could lift off of the ground and go sky high.

I think this episode gets too supernatural with the moving tree roots and their accelerated growth. Spoiler if you’re introducing a friend to this series with this episode, Veronica dies in a painful, agonizing fashion. Because letting her bleed out was not enough. The demonic possession of tree roots to distort the body was a bit overdramatic. It would have been preferable to kill her in a less mystical way such as “accidentally” making her trip and subsequently fall into the deep dark forest, where her body will never be found. But I supposed that’s too tedious for the Devil.

Looking at Detective Shay’s position, his credibility as an officer is getting closer to hitting rock bottom. Not only is the Devil coming after him, but he’s losing reality, his badge, and possibly his family. If he had tried living a normal life, things wouldn’t be going downhill for him. As if that would happen. Detective Shay had his head on straight and a strong sense of justice, but you can’t fight a malicious entity that’s been around longer than humanity can fathom.

Although it has only been a few episodes and he’s already thirty, Damien looks like he’s grown… past denial. It can’t be helped. Trying to purify him and his soul, nun Greta’s assassination/exorcism looks like it’s made Damien embrace his demonic heritage. The demonic entities surrounding Damien had revealed themselves in that moment of desperation and exorcism. What has been seen, cannot be unseen. What Damien plans on doing must be withheld.

Until the next dark episode.

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