Monday, May 16, 2016

HIGHLIGHT: Jojo Moyes Discussion, Q&A, & Signing of "Me Before You"

What a fun and exciting "last minute" event. Yes, this event was only posted about two weeks ago...haha! For many fans, this was definitely "last minute." I know it was for me!! Thanks to my good friends, I was able to attend and meet up with friends. Moreover, this event had very strict guidelines since the author, Jojo Moyes, was on a very tight schedule. The event was so strict that there was a limited number of wristbands available, a three book limit, only one book can be personalized, and no posed photos. Regardless of the time constraint of this event, I had fun! However, a small amount of Advance Screening Passes were given out! Whoa!

Yup! Ready for this event!

The event started off with a viewing of one of the trailers for the upcoming film Me Before You which was based on the novel of the same title by Jojo Moyes. Following right after was a brief discussion with a Q&A with the audience. There were the usual questions: What was the inspiration behind the book? What advice would she give to aspiring writers? on... I could never get tired of all the different answers from different authors. It's always interesting and informative. It was even very cool to find out that the Christopher Reeve Foundation was very supportive of the film! Wow!

Although the book and the film involves a very controversial topic, this discussion involved one very important point...having a choice. Yes, these characters have choices, but, ultimately, it is their choice. In particular, both book and film focuses on Will's choice. Yes, there is life with this disability, but it is Will's one can make it for him.

I got emotional during this! LOL! A lot of good points this book and film makes...even Jojo. I think she wrote all this with the utmost respect. No disrespect to any one, I think.

This discussion was very informative and inspiring. Come to find out that this novel was inspired by a friend in a similar situation; and that there is something in the book that comes close to being personal for her...something she can relate to. A fan asked her that particular question, if there was something in her life that she completely "obsessed" about like the bumble bee tights to Louisa in the book.

As for that advice for aspiring authors...basically, I'm paraphrasing here, she said to keep writing; make time to write; don't that tenacity to write no matter how busy life can get. Plus, don't let life deter you from writing. Very sound and similar advice that I have heard from the various authors I have met. And...look at where they, including Jojo, are now! Damn, I love being a reader...haha!

Jojo even expressed how much she enjoyed writing and being a part of the making of the film. It's not very often that the author and the director were able to work together in the making of this movie. She expressed how much she wanted to stay close to the book when she wrote the screenplay.

Oh... A fan asked Jojo what her inspiration to write the sequel was? Guess what...her response was "the fans!" Fans were always asking her about Louisa after Me Before You. And, of course, she even admitted that she even wondered that, too; hence, the sequel, After You.

Yeah! I can't wait to read the sequel. After reading Me Before You, OMG, I was absolutely emotional...haha! I seriously had to have a moment after I turned the last page of the book. <sigh>

After the discussion, fans lined up for the signing...and that went smoothly. Of course, the fact that we got passe to watch the movie helped the line to move along...haha! I'm just thrilled to have met such an amazing writer.

Jojo's signing my book!

Had a lot of fun last night! Of course, watching the movie early was a bonus! My review will follow!

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