Monday, October 30, 2017

COVER REVEAL: A Monster Like Me by Pamela Sparkman

We have a mystical Cover Reveal to share with you today for Pamela Sparkman's A Monster Like Me, the second book in the Heart of Darkness Chronicles!!! We even have the full cover to share, too! Check it out!!!

Young Adult
Fantasy Romance
Heart of Darkness, #2
Publish Date:
Spring 2018

Cover Design by:

“I love the peculiar silence of shadows. They exist, but leave no mark.”

Zeph had been a child, thrust into a war that wasn’t his. When he was older, he discovered he had landed on the wrong side of everything. 

He’d been fighting for sweet revenge, because of lies he’d believed—and those lies proved to be his ruin. Falling into despair, Zeph decides living is too painful. So, he writes his final act with poison and chooses to end his story. 

But Fate has other plans for Zeph and when he finds himself in the hands of his enemies, he has to decide: Does he want to live? Or does he want to die? 

Or maybe that choice is no longer his to make. 

Ruled by shadows and armed with secrets he never intended to share, Zeph will be put through his toughest battle yet: the war within himself. 

“He isn’t a lost cause. He’s just—lost.”

That’s what Arwyn believes. She sees the monster he has become, but what she also sees is someone worth fighting for. Armed with secrets of her own, she’s determined to help Zeph fight his demons, because there was more on the line than Zeph’s soul. So much more.

Revenge may be sweet. But redemption is sweeter. The question is, can Zeph find the boy he used to be, or will he always believe that no one could ever love—a monster like him. 

“You are everything good. And I am everything children are afraid of.”

This is book 2 in the Heart of Darkness Chronicles and is recommended the reader begin with book 1, The Moon Shines Red.

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**About the Author**
Pamela Sparkman grew up in Alabama. She became an avid reader at a young age. The written word has always fascinated her and she wrote her first short story while still in elementary school. Inspiration for her stories always begins with a song. She believes music is the pulse of life and books are the heart of it.

When she isn’t writing, however, she’s spending time with her family and taking one day at a time.

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