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MARIAH's THOUGHTS on 13 Reasons Why Season 1 Episode 11 - "Tape 6, Side A"

About the Show:
After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

Young Adult
Crime Drama/Mystery

Created by:
Brian Yorkey

Series based on:
Thirteen Reasons Why

Based on the Novel Written by:
Jay Asher

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Dylan Minnette – Clay Jensen
Katherine Langford – Hannah Baker
Christian Navarro - Tony
Brandon Flynn – Justin
Jutsin Prentice - Bryce
Kate Walsh – Mrs. Baker

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Episode 11: "Tape 6, Side A"
Clay and Hannah grow closer. While Clay spends a heartbreaking night listening to his tape with Tony, tensions boil over at Bryce's house.


My Thoughts

Note: This review contains spoilers

“She’s telling her truth.”

Well said Tony. Clay finally listens to his tape and strangely it’s more than he can handle. Hannah considered him good, kind, and sweet, but Clay doesn’t see it that way. He was too scared to say, “I love you” or stay with her when she needed him most. Clay feels guilty because he feels like he could have been a stronger person and be there for her. I think that strongly touches upon what most people feel when they are grieving for loved one, especially when they were killed prematurely. 13 Reasons Why, although a Netflix drama, like other good stories should make the viewer think. What can a person do between now and death to live life to the fullest yet spread joy to others in need of it?

Clay’s tape made it seem like she had a ray of hope. Since we’ve finally listens to Clay’s tape, why should we keep listening? Because we want to know what it took for Hannah to resolutely kill herself.

And as a part of 13 Reasons Why, we can’t forget Jessica, Bryce, Justin, and that possible law suit that could ensue with them. Hannah and Justin’s truth about the night of Jessica’s party comes out and Jessica is emotionally torn to shreds. She didn’t want to hear it, but Justin needed to say it. Why keep it covered up? Why let Bryce roam freely and act like the dick he is portrayed as? I’m starting to feel sorry for Justin. He only wants to do what’s right for someone he cares about, but no one seems to care about him in return.

If it wasn’t already obvious, this show deserves several viewer discretion warnings. Until the next tape.

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