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MARIAH's THOUGHTS on 13 Reasons Why Season 1 Episode 3 - "Tape 2, Side A"

About the Show:
After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

Young Adult
Crime Drama/Mystery

Created by:
Brian Yorkey

Series based on:
Thirteen Reasons Why

Based on the Novel Written by:
Jay Asher

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Dylan Minnette – Clay Jensen
Katherine Langford – Hannah Baker
Christian Navarro - Tony
Brandon Flynn – Justin
Jutsin Prentice - Bryce
Kate Walsh – Mrs. Baker

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Episode 3: "Tape 2, Side A"
Jealousy and gossip take a toll on Hannah's relationships. As Alex struggles with feelings of regret, the guys pressure Clay into getting drunk.


My Thoughts

Note: This review contains spoilers

Some of my friends express displeasure about how 13 Reasons Why is too slow. I say, “Make me feel it.” I think the pace in which Clay is listening to the tapes and how the story is progressing is just fine. He’s a shy, maybe awkward, kid in one of the most confusing times of his life. He’s just trying to make sense of things and why they are happening.

This episode struck me as particularly intense. As the description says, Clay is pressured into getting drunk but we are also listening to Alex Standall’s tape. As an audience member, we see “the guys” side and reactions to Hannah’s suicide. Justin Foley, Jessica Davis, and Alex Standall, each on Hannah’s tapes are acting like Hannahs tapes are a conspiracy. Miles Heizer as Alex Standall is torn, guilty, and not at all confused. He plays Alex’s part in Hannah’s death impactfully with his tears and a stressful demeanor. Miles seems to play his character as the mature type but not to Clay’s extent.

“Clay…! My precious cinnamon roll. I’m concerned about your health…!” With the way the plot is progressing, I’m starting to worry about Clay’s mental state. I do know what’s going to happen, but I can’t help but wonder how Dylan Minnette will keep portraying Clay as he progresses further into Hannah’s tapes.

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