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NovelReality's Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 - Motel California Recap & Review

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Motel Califonia

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My Thoughts
So, I finally watched this episode! The episode starts off with a flashback of the Argent's past with Alexander Argent blowing his brain with a shot gun to his mouth after being bitten! Whoa! Then, our young werewolves on their way to a cross country meet stop at the same motel!!??!!! Coincidenc???? I think NOT!! Now, that was Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho creepy...hahaha!!! And, the only one who felt it was Lydia! Hmmm...With every episode, we learn more and more that Lydia (Holland Roden) is more than what she seems to be. 
Alexander Argent 
Now, it gets morbidly creepy when Lydia was told that the motel is known for the most guest suicides!!??!!! Really!!! Our young cast just can't seem to get away from the supernatural....can they!!??!! But, with every incident that has happened and that will happen seems to be linked to this Darach! 

During their brief stay at this motel, only our young werewolves, Scott (Tyler Posey), Boyd (Sinqua Walls) and Isaac (Daniel Sharman), start acting odd. Now, leave it to Stiles (Dyan O'Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden) and Allison (Crystal Reed) to put the pieces of this supernatural puzzle together. It's crazy!!! Everything that Scott, Boyd and Isaac were hallucinating were all about their fears. Scott's experience were all about losing those he love. Boyd's experience were all about losing Alicia. Lastly, Isaac's experience were all about the abuse from his father. But, of course, we can't forget the one Alpha, Ethan (Charlie Carver). He also fell prey to these strange experiences while he was getting intimate with Danny (Keahu Kahuanui)!
Boyd (Sinqua Wells
Isaac (Daniel Sharman)
Ethan (Charlie Carver)
Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) talking Scott down from his hallucination
On a side note, Allison calls her father, Chris Argent (JR Bourne), as he investigates the place of the werewolf confrontation from Episode 5. Allison tells him where they are staying...and this motel sounds very familiar to Chris....hmmm! I knew it! It's going to be very difficult for Mr. Argent to stay out of "it," especially when Allison insists on helping her friends.
Mr. Chris Argent (JR Bourne)
Leave it to Stiles, Lydia and Allison to solve this odd mystery. Strange that each "vision" Lydia experiences was a clue to an attempted "guest suicide."  I am even more intrigued with Lydia's connection to this unknown Darach. It definitely is curious. Gotta love Stiles to be our detective when he tells Lydia that this whole episode at the motel reminded him of her birthday party when Lydia "poisoned" everybody with wolfsbane. 

All our young werewolves were saved from these strange experiences by being "snapped out" of it by heat. First, Ethan, when he burned himself on a portable heater. Boyd was saved when Stiles stuck a flare into the tub when he tried to drown himself. Then, poor Isaac was "snapped out" of his terror he suffered under his father. However, heat/fire was not going to be what saves Scott since he covered himself with gasoline. What a heartwrenching moment!!! Couldn't stop my tears from falling...<sigh> Yup! I can see Scott as an Alpha. So, when Stiles does gets through to Scott and gets the flare away from him, with supernatural intervention, the wind pushes the flare to the puddle of gasoline that Scott and Stiles are standing in. Lydia sees the flare, screams and pushes them out and away from the puddle of gasoline!!! Whew!!! My hear just stopped at the! But, when she looks up into the fire, she sees the Darach!!! 
Lydia (Holland Roden) sees the Darach in the fire
Whoa! This is getting more interesting....our young students are putting the pieces together which is leading more and more to the Darach.

All the while our young students are trying to survive the night, Ms. Blake (Haley Webb) takes Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to his loft to help him with his wounds. And, oh yeah, the attraction is undeniable...Derek and Ms. Blake have a night of intimacy. But, REALLY!!!! Ms. Blake was encouraging Derek to play dead!!! Can I just slap her upside her head! No matter how many times anyone tells Scott that what happened to Derek was not his fault, he will still blame himself, especially since all he knows is that Derek is dead!

In the morning, Coach (Orny Adams) finds them sleeping in the bus...too funny! But, Lydia notices a stain on the Coach's shirt and grabs his whistle.  Come to find out that the inside of the whistle is laced with wolfsbane and our young "detectives" puts it all together! The Darach got into our young werewolves heads after poisoning them with wolfsbane every time Coach blew on the whistle on the bus...hmm! 
Lydia (Holland Roden) finds wolfsbane in Coach's whistle
At least, Ethan was gracious, especially that Stiles and Lydia saved his life, and told Scott that Derek is alive.
Ethan (Charlie Carver) telling Scott (Tyler Posey) about Derek
Strange how everyone is connected one way or another. Now, when Mr. Argent visits his father, Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan), to find out who was the Alpha that bit Alexander Argent...AND, that Alpha was Deucalion (Gideon Emery)!!!

Whoa!!! This was another amazing episode! It was filled with intrigue, mystery and intimacy...between Ethan and Danny AND Derek and Ms. Blake. Nice! It seriously felt like a suspense-filled thriller movie! With each of their strange hallucinations, I was cringing with anticipation and dread...we cannot have our favorite young werewolves "committing suicide!" 

I'm even more addicted to Teen Wolf as these mysteries unravel after each episode.  

I'm excited for the next episode!!! Bring it on!!! 

Here's a sneak peek of MTV's Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7

Every second matters.

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