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NovelReality's Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 5 - Frayed Recap & Review!

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My Thoughts
I don't watching Victoria's recaps & reviews of each episode of Teen Wolf. Nice! I couldn't have reviewed it any different. She's got it covered!

So anyways, Episode 5 starts with Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) on the school bus, on their way to a cross country meet. Throughout the episode, we get flashbacks of what happened when they faced off with this Alpha whoa!! During the bus ride, Stiles is trying to get Scott to talk about what happened and what is happening.  In addition to that, Allison (Crystal Reed) and Lydia (Holland Roden) is following them.  It is  so obvious that Allison is very concerned about Scott, especially after seeing what happened. Scott is not healing!!??!! 

During these flashbacks, we find out why Scott is so distracted...Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) is dead!!??!! My reaction to that while I was rewatching this episode was "NO WAY is Derek dead!" LOL! Yah, I was not believing that this could be the end of Derek. This episode definitely kept me at the "edge of my seat," especially not knowing what happened to Derek since Cora (Adelaide Kane) and Peter (Ian Bohen) do not find Derek's body.

Well, I was definitely having a "Hmmm" moment when Scott and Enes (Brian Patrick Wade) faced off and Scott's eyes turns red (eyes of an Alpha). Not just that....Deucalion (Gideon Emery) even noticed. Yup! Deucalion knows what Scott could become.

The Alphas, with Ms. Morell's (Bianca Lawson) help, goes to Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) for help since Enes was injured BADLY from the fall. I still don't understand what Dr. Deaton and Ms. Morell's roles are in all this mess. I definitely would like to see more about these two:  Dr. Deaton, who seems to be guiding Scott; and Ms. Morrell, who seems to be helping the Alphas (why is she helping them!) In comes Deucalion and he kills Enes!!! Whoa!! Didn't see that coming, but then again, Deucalion did say that he absorbed the powers of each of his Alpha kills...hmmm!!! Whoa!! Deucalion is ruthless...dayum!

At the end, Derek reaches out to Ms. Blake (Haley Webb) for help!!??!! Kinda saw that coming....hmmm!

Well, with each episode, more about the Alpha pack was revealed, but, now, new questions on top of those other questions, including that discussion between Lydia and Stiles about those sacrifices. It sounds like an epic battle is coming, and it doesn't sound like it's just among the werewolves! In addition to the conflicts among our young werewolves with this Alpha pack, another mystery involving a Darach, a dark druid, is slowly being revealed. 

I am so curious as to find out what Deucalion's ultmate plan is, when Scott will rise to become an Alpha, who and what is Dr. Deaton and Ms. Morell's roles are, and who is this Darach!

Can we just have Teen Wolf episodes everyday...hahaha!!! The waiting of 6 days for each next episode is "killer!"

But, for now, watch this sneak peek of Episode 6!

Check out the sneak peek to MTV's Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6

Prepare for war.

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