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NovelReality's Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 8 - Visionary Recap & Review!

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My Thoughts
Now, this episode was more on flashbacks in which revealed a lot about our characters, mainly Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Deucalion (Gideon Emery).  I found it interesting to find out that Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) and Ms. Morell (Bianca Lawson). Of course, the versions of the past depends on the point of view of who is telling the story. 

Interesting to find out that the packs mainly originated in Beacon Hills...hmmm! Am I shocked...not really! But, these flashbacks has definitely given these characters some depth. We learn what it means for a werewolf to have blue eyes. Wow...interesting. Come to find out that there's a connection with werewolves and the druids!!??!! Whoa! 

Can it get even more fascinating!?! Well, I loved that this episode revealed much of the past...which, of course, give us an understanding of our favorite characters. I am so looking forward to seeing more of Scott (Tyler Posey) with his red "alpha" eyes! 

I have definitely have to watch the last two episodes before Episode 9...yikes! 

Here's a sneak peek of MTV's Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 9

The killer will be revealed

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Hope you enjoyed NovelReality's recap & review!

Awesome job Victoria!!!

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