Friday, June 14, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Stills Released

Well, can this week get any better for every Cassandra Clare fan out there!!??!! I think "YES!"  As far as this week goes...haha!! Wow!! Sony Pictures has released several new stills from the upcoming The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film in the past couple of days. It is a good time to be "fangirling" it now. Can I be even more excited now for the release of this upcoming film since the news of moving the release date!!??!! Heck yeah! My excitement has escalated another notch since Sony released these movie stills! 

These stills were released yesterday, June 13, 2013!
Jace looking at Clary at the coffee shop

Simon and Clary at the Pandemonium Club

Isabelle helping Clary get ready for Magnus Bane's party

Jace and Clary in the greenhouse

Jace and Clary on the demonized motorcycle

Here's a fun part, Natasha Polis of Page to Premiere even matched these stills above to the parts of the book, City of Bones. So, yah, that's awesome!!! Check it out here!!!

Now, here's what was released today!!

With these amazing stills, fans (otherwise referred to as Shadowhunters) will definitely be gushing with excitement and anticipation for the release of the movie.  And, yes, the release was moved up to August 21, 2013!!! I don't know if it can get better than this! But, I'm sure there will be more news as the date approaches. 

Here's the latest trailer:

Oh yeah! Read the books, met the author (Cassandra Clare), director (Harald Zwart) and the star of the movie, Lily Collins! Amazing and fun times!!! I just love it that Cassandra was also a part of filming this.

In theaters August 21, 2013!!!

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