Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fangirl Designs at Etsy Shop by FangirlFeeels

Check it out awesome nerds!!! 

My friend Sylvia of Fangirlfeeels has opened an Etsy Shop!!! 

Yes, she currently has designed Divergent-themed handbags on her Etsy Shop. Moreover, she will be adding more items such as: t-shirts and other swag from other fandoms.  

The current Divergent-themed handbags are all hand sewn, painted and stenciled by Sylvia, the designer, herself...and, of course, made with LOVE!  

About our Fangirl designer, Sylvia:

She is an Art Major in hopes of becoming a Costume Designer. She learned how to sew at a young age and attended an Art High School. With her background and life in Art, Sylvia can promise that customers, followers and fans alike will receive quality swag.

The following are items that are currently available:
Divergent-themed handbags
Handmade Erudite Cross handbag
Handmade Candor Cross handbag
Handmade Amity Cross handbag
Handmade Dauntless Cross handbag

Learn more about Fangirl Designs at: 

Visit Fangirl Designs at Etsy Shop at:

Let's support our fellow fangirl!!!

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