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Richelle Mead Talks 'Gameboard of the Gods' and Other Stuff

Gameboard of the Gods book cover
Excitement was in the air as I prepared to go to San Diego for a book signing being held at the Mysterious Galaxy (MGSD) bookstore. Mariah and I were going to meet Richelle Mead...again, since the last time in 2011 at RT Teen Day. So, yah, we were excited! I purchased my copy of Gameboard of the Gods in advance to get my ticket for the signing line.  The event was a ticketed event...purchase the book and get a ticket for the signing. 

As soon as Mariah got out from school, we were on our way to San Diego for the night's festivities with the amazing author, Richelle Mead.  

Mariah and I had a somewhat smooth drive up until we hit the I-805.  Luckily, the traffic wasn't at a dead-stop.  Yes, we made good time.  We even had time to sit and chat with my friend, Pamela!  Yay!!! We finally officially have met.  We have had several almost meetings at various events, but this event was the one that we were actually able to come together and have fun. 

Being our first time going to an author event at a Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, I wanted to get there early so I could check out the place and ask a few questions regarding the event.  The store is a small and quaint place in San Diego...not difficult to find. And the staff were amazing and helpful...yes, they rocked!  
Mysterious Galaxy San Diego
After purchasing my books, we settled down outside of Starbucks and started chatting...about what!!!  Books, authors and events!! But, before I forget, Vampire Academy "Molnija Mark" shirts, "Molnija Mark" keychains and Vampire Academy sampler book were being given away free with a purchase of Richelle Mead's books...of course. As time passed, we finally were able to get seats inside the bookstore for this exciting event.  We met several other fans as well! This was definitely a fun-filled night for booklovers. As we waited for the event to start, we got to chatting with other fans, and I was amazed at the multi-generations of fans that came out.  Yes, multi-generations of fans!  That's also the great thing about Richelle Mead's books...she writes adult and YA novels! 
Our book haul! Yah, I know! What can I say...I'm a booknerd! :)
Our "Molnija Mark" shirts we got free with our purchase.
"Molnija Mark" keychain
Soon enough, MGSD filled up pretty quickly as the 7 o'clock hour came around. Many of us even saw Richelle Mead walk in. Of course all chatter stopped as we all watched on when she made her way to the back of the store before the event.  As all the seats were taken, this event soon became a standing room only event...haha!!! That's how much fans love her!! Awe-inspiring!  
Richelle Mead at Mysterious Galaxy San Diego (photo: MGSD)

And, the event began!!!  The audience listened with awe as Richelle Mead talked a bit about her new adult novel Gameboard of the Gods. The Q&A  soon followed.  Fans were excited!  Even questions about the upcoming Vampire Academy movie was discussed...well, as much as Richelle Mead she knows and can reveal to us.  

Check out the following video clips of this fun event:

Richelle Mead also gives fans some details about the Vampire Academy movie....AND, she also reveals the release date in clip #4. 

And, yes, there was a giveaway raffle after the Q&A as revealed in clip #5! Yay!!! Richelle Mead and Mysterious Galaxy raffled off a few Vampire Academy shirts and Succubus Heat, book 4 of the Georgina Kincaid series (her first adult novel series). Richelle Mead also mentioned that the "Molnija mark" shirts are available to purchase at Arcane VaultSuccubus Heat was the last to be raffled off, and, guess who won.....Mariah! Yay!!! That is so awesome. I was already planning to get the entire Georgina Kincaid series, too! And, now, I don't have to buy book 4...haha!!! We even got it signed!

Mariah's prize from the raffle

And, the signing begins!!!
And the signing has started!
The front of the line
Richelle Mead signing Pamela and Cassandra's books
Richelle Mead signing books for a fan whose aspiring to be a writer

Richelle Mead chatting with a fan
Richelle Mead shows a picture of her baby boy to a fan
Line of fans for the signing entering the store
Mariah in line again!
Richelle Mead also signed our photo from the RT Teen Day in 2011!  She even remembered it!  She was pregnant at the time, too!  It was so awesome to chat with her a bit about that fun day!

Photo with Richelle Mead at RT Teen Day 2011
View the photo album of this event at:  Movies, Shows & Books 

To learn more about Richelle Mead's books, go to Richelle's Books

All in all, the event was exciting and fun as many fans attended to meet and to chat with Richelle Mead on all thing about her books and the upcoming Vampire Academy movie. It was definitely an enjoyable night with many excited and fun fans! The Mysterious Galaxy San Diego staff was also amazing in hosting this event. Many thanks for having exciting author events like this at MGSD!!!  Much love and appreciation to Richelle Mead for making the time to spend with us, fans! 

And, now, I must read all these amazing books by Richelle Mead

Although Mysterious Galaxy San Diego is not a very big bookstore, there are pretty amazing author events happening in these littlle, independent places.

Mysterious Galaxy bookstore is the place to be for author events!
Check out their Facebook pages:

Our photos with Richelle Mead!!!
Richelle Mead and Mariah
Richelle Mead and Mariah
Richelle Mead and Jasmine
Here's our signed copy of Gameboard of the Gods!!!
My copy of Gameboard of the Gods signed
I even got a signed copy for my friend, Victoria

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