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COVER REVEAL: When Light Leads To You by C.R. Ellis

Today, C.R. Ellis is here to share the cover for her upcoming romance When Light Leads To You! To celebrate this reveal, we have an exclusive excerpt to share! Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy now!!!

New Adult
Contemporary Romance
Forget Me Knot, #2
Publish Date:
August 1, 2018

**Due to strong language and the sexy times between these two, this book is recommended to readers ages 18 and up.**

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a crush on a boy. Eventually, they fell in love. They lived happily ever after.

Except they didn’t. Not even close.
I’m the girl, but that’s not my story.

Once upon a time, I fell for a boy, but we didn’t have a happily ever after. In fact, we crashed and burned. Which turned out to be for the best because it forced me to grow up and realize the only wedding bells in my future are the ones I orchestrate for clients.

For six years I’ve been perfectly content with meaningless, short-lived flings and running from anything that resembles a real relationship.

That boy?
He’s my best friend’s brother, and he’s no longer the boy I fell for—he’s a man I can’t stand.

Oh, and he’s also my new neighbor.

Seemingly overnight, Jasmine Winters went from being my sister’s best friend to being the girl I couldn’t get enough of. But like most good things, it didn’t last.

Things fell apart so suddenly, I’m able to convince myself that summer never happened. At least, I was, until the only distance between us is a hallway instead of a time zone.

Six years ago, I let Jasmine slip through my fingers without an explanation because I was convinced we’d be better off apart. But now that we’re neighbors, our unspoken vow of apathy has unwittingly been shattered. Our exchanges consist of trading insults and icy stare downs. But in-between, I catch glimpses of the way she used to look at me, glimpses of the girl I fell for years ago.

Things are different now, though. This time… I won’t let her walk away without giving me answers.

When Light Leads to You is the second full-length novel of the Forget Me Knot series, but can be read as a standalone.

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Somehow, I didn’t feel an inkling of a hangover. In fact, I wasn’t even sleepy. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough to make out Dean’s toned, bulky figure. Studying the gorgeous man next to me was enough to clear the last traces of sleepiness from my brain. I scooted closer to Dean, planning to subtly wake him.
By any means necessary.
My fingers trailed down his abdomen and traced figure eights on the soft skin in the crevice created by the perfect V-shape extending from his boxers.
I leaned into his body and ran my tongue along his neck.
“Did you just lick me?” he asked, his voice groggy as he stirred awake.
“Just checking to see if you taste like seduction, too,” I responded with a grin.
He laughed. “And? What’s the verdict?”
I launched my body on top of his, peppering his neck with quick kisses.
“So…that’s a yes, then?”
“Shut up and kiss me, you cocky idiot,” I said, pressing my hips into his.
“There’s the morning Jasmine charm I was expecting.”
I laughed into our kiss, but it was short-lived when he lifted his hands and cupped my face, holding me in place so he could keep our kiss going. When Dean kissed me, I didn’t see stars. I saw red. I felt colors the same way some people felt sparks. It was a strange way to describe the emotions rushing through me, but it’s the only thing that felt remotely accurate. It was the closest thing to complete happiness I’d ever felt.
Without warning, he moved his hands down and gripped my torso, rolling us over so that he’d be on top of me. “How’re you feeling? How foggy is your memory of last night?” he asked.
“Never felt better. And, drunk or not, my memory’s a steel trap, baby. It’s all there. Are we really doing this?”
“Oh, we’re doing this. Right here, in my bed,” he answered between kisses against my throat.
I chuckled to cover up the shiver his lips sent racing through me. “Well, yeah, I know we’re doing that. But I meant—”
He cut me off with a kiss. “I know what you meant. That answer is the same. We’re doing all of it, Jas. No bullshit. No regrets this time.”
“No regrets,” I echoed.
Dean pushed back on his forearms to pull his knees up and straddle me. I ran my hands over his abs before reaching for my favorite part of him, and he reached for the hem of my shirt, gripping it tightly in both hands.
Instead of pulling it over my head, he swiftly ripped it all the way down the middle until it was wide open.
Holy shit.
It was unquestionably the hottest thing I’d ever seen.
Without missing a beat, he dropped down to focus all his attention on my tits. Like he hadn’t just shredded a shirt with his bare hands.
“You…just…ripped your own shirt,” I stated breathily, weaving my fingers through his hair to pull him back. I didn’t even care that I was practically panting. I’d never been more turned on in my life.
“I have others,” he said, leaning forward to trail kisses across my collar bone. “What I don’t have right now is patience.”

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**About the Author**
Photo Content from C.R. Ellis (Amazon) 
C.R. Ellis is a Texas native who writes contemporary romance novels with plenty of drama and humor, and just enough heat to ignite e-readers and paperbacks everywhere. She can almost always be found attached to her laptop with coffee nearby and her two trusty canine sidekicks by her side. When she’s not writing or plotting, she enjoys going to concerts with her sweet husband, dragging him along to see rom-coms at any theater that serves booze, checking off the next destination on her ever-growing travel bucket list, and trying new recipes.

Her passion for writing stems from her lifelong love of reading, and she often binge-reads entire books in a day. She’s an unapologetic book hoarder, and her paperback collection is rivaled only by her massive shoe collection.

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