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It is that time of year...again! Events and places where teens, authors and books meet! For many booknerds and readers alike, we attend many book festivals and author events all over the United States. I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this blog tour for this event! And...I get to host one of the amazing authors that will also be in attendance! You'll find out who I'm hosting soon...after discussing some details about this fun event! My daughter and I was fortunate to go to the first Teen Book Fest when it all started in Ontario! Follow the tour and learn more about these amazing authors and meet them on March 25th!

Well, this coming March 2016, the City of Ontario will be holding their 6th Annual Ontario Teen Book Fest featuring many bestselling authors. Booknerds and fans of all ages are welcome to attend; however, teens are given preferred seating.

March 25, 2017, Saturday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Colony High School
3850 E. Riverside Drive
Ontario, California 91761

Did I mention that to attend is absolutely FREE and it is NOT ticketed!

Yup! Ontario's Teen Book Fest is completely FREE to attend! For more information on the Ontario Teen Book Fest, go to:

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*Books and other stuff will be available for purchase during the event*

Join us as we celebrate teens and books with an amazing lineup of authors! And, of course, there will be signings as well! Yay! To celebrate this upcoming and exciting event, we are having a blog tour spotlighting these amazing authors!

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Today, I have the great pleasure to spotlight the amazing author, Ann Redisch Stampler

**About the Author**
Ann Redisch Stampler is the author of the young adult novels Afterparty and Where It Began as well as half a dozen picture books. Her work has garnered an Aesop accolade, the National Jewish Book Award, Sydney Taylor honors, the Middle East Book Award, and Bank Street Best Books of the Year mentions. How to Disappear (Simon Pulse, 2016), her first young adult thriller, was released in June 2016.

Ann lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband Rick.

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Book(s) by Ann Redisch Stampler:
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*Interview with Ann Redisch Stampler*
1. Of course, I must start off with the most basic of questions. When and/or How did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I have always loved stories: reading them, hearing them, watching them unfold in film and TV, and telling them.  I knew I loved to write from the moment I started telling stories on paper.  But I didn’t truly believe that I was a writer until I saw my first story in print.  (And even then, I thought that might be a happy accident, and I wasn’t sure it would happen again!)

2. When your first book got published, where were you and what were you doing and/or what was your reaction?
My first book was the picture book retelling of a folktale I’d learned from my grandma.  I had assumed (incorrectly) that picture book writers have some say in the illustration, and that I’d see sketches along the way, and maybe a copy of the book pre-publication.  Not so!  The very first time I saw that book was in my local indie bookstore.  I kind of lived in that store, and when my book arrived, they called me and told me that I’d better get over there.  Five minutes later, I was standing in front of a beautiful display they’d made for my book.  And I cried.  A lot.

3. I have noticed that you have written for various young(er) audiences. I want to focus on your YA novels. I've noticed that your YA novels have similar thriller/suspense themes, do you have a particular reason/inspiration that has drawn you towards these genres?
I suspect that I’m drawn to writing this kind of book because, first of all, I love to read mysteries and thrillers.  (You know the old “write the book you want to read” adage?  That’s me.)  And second, because life is so full of wait-how-did-that-even-happen? moments. I love taken something frightening or catastrophic and moving back and forth in time to understand both the underpinnings and the consequences.

With my most recent YA thriller, HOW TO DISAPPEAR, I wanted to explore exactly how far people would go if they were pushed hard enough.  I wanted this book to explore how important human connection and even love were for the characters, Jack and Cat, when making that connection could be dangerous.

4. I have learned that many authors have varying writing processes that works for them. What writing process works for you?
I’m an extremely inefficient combination of a “pantser” (a person who just sits down and writes whatever scene comes to her, often out of order, letting the characters lead me wherever they want to go) and a planner.  I tend to pants my first drafts, after which I read through, see where the story works and where it doesn’t, write a fairly detailed outline, and rewrite like crazy.  Often over and over.

My advice is that if you’re capable of writing an outline of your book before you start writing – if that works for you – go for it.  With my first drafts, I end up with pages and pages that I don’t need, extra characters, things that get revealed in three different places, and once a month of February that contained 68 days.  With HOW TO DISAPPEAR, I ended up completely redoing the final quarter, almost from scratch.

Luckily, I enjoy revision.

5. Speaking about writing, what is your ideal work environment when writing/creating your stories?
Although I’m capable of writing pretty much anywhere, my preference is a quiet, comfortable place with a peaceful view.  The comfortable part is partly because I often write for hours at a time without getting up, which would be miserable in a bad chair.  The quiet part is because I tend to read work aloud to myself, and to hear my characters’ dialogue in my head.  This works best when there aren’t other compelling sounds, such as music, which tends to hijack my mood and color the mood of the passage I’m working on.

6. I have found that many authors has various sources for inspiration, what and/or who are your sources of inspiration?

There’s such a wide array of things that can trigger an imagination:  Reading, memories, relationships, friendships, TV news reports, eavesdropping, evocative music, travel.  I could go on…

7. Do you have an all-time favorite author(s) and/or book(s)? If so, why do these stand out with you?
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE because it’s perfect but also for sentimental reasons.  It’s one of the first books I read that was intended for adults, and that was written during a very different historical period.  Nevertheless, Elizabeth Bennet spoke to me across the centuries.  I knew her as well as I knew Meg in WRINKLE IN TIME (my favorite book up to that point).  When I was in a strained or awkward or hilarious social situation, I knew how she’d react.  

I was also profoundly moved by THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, which I read at around the same time, and which continues to move me today.

8. It looks like the entertainment industry is adapting many books, particularly YA books, to film and/or television. Who would you cast for which book?
You know, as I write, I have very detailed visual images of what my characters look and sound like.  This makes it impossible for me to cast my books as there’s no one out there with a face identical to the one I’ve made up and have been staring at in my mind’s eye the whole time I’ve been writing.

9. Let's get random for a bit? Physical book or ebook? Why?
I know ebooks are very practical and the wave of the future and the only way to travel if you don’t want a 120 lb. suitcase to keep you from the horror of running out of reading material, but…I like the look and feel and smell of books.  I like to know what page I’m on, as opposed to knowing that I’m 39% finished.  I take pleasure in the physical act of turning pages.  Also, books can be physically beautiful in a way ebooks cannot (IMHO) match.

10. Book adaptations of your book(s): television (small screen) or film (big screen)? Why?
Oooooh, good question!  But I don’t have an equally good answer.  Years ago, I would have said big screen because I thought the quality of movie scripts and acting were superior.  But now, there are so many brilliantly written and shot programs on television, particularly limited series with an arc that spans a season, hmmmm…I’d be happy with either if the adaptation were well-done and relatively faithful to the book.  (I realize that adaptation almost by definition involves changes, but no sudden insertion of talking penguins from space.)

With HOW TO DISAPPEAR, Cat (AKA Nicolette) would have to be an actress with a very mobile face, who could transition from seemingly sweet and innocent, to tough and resilient, maybe with some flashes of ruthlessness.

And I can’t even describe Jack without spoilers!

Well, there you go booknerds/! We found out a little bit more about this amazing author, Ann Redisch Stampler! Be sure to meet her at this upcoming event!

Thank you Ann for taking time from your busy schedule for this interview!

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