Wednesday, September 10, 2014

M. Clarke's Something Forever Release Dinner Party

On September 6, 2014, Mariah and I set off to Rancho Palos Verde, California to attend the release dinner party for Mary Ting's, writing as M. Clarke, latest book release Something ForeverSomething Forever is the third novel in the Something Great Series, a new adult contemporary romance. Although it was long drive, which is nothing new for me, it was a beautiful...and hot...Saturday afternoon. And the view on the drive up in the San Pedro area was breathtaking...even though we saw mostly cloud cover...hahaha!!! Upon our arrival, several people were already chatting away and enjoying the day.

Joann and Anna of Fandom Cube did an amazing job with the set up! The day of the dinner party was sunny and beautiful. We started the party first with having dinner, so that we had plenty of time for the fun and games...with prizes! After the fun was had and the prizes given, the Q&A with Mary Ting started which was also filled with a lot of laughter.


Watch this edited video of the dinner party with the Q&A!

The Q&A was a lot of fun! There were quite a bit of good questions by several of Mary's fans on Joann read it off for this. However, there was one question that wasn't recorded..."If Something Great was made into a movie or television series, who would Mary pick to play Max, Matthew and Jenna?" Mary's answer for Max was Henry Cavill...and for Jenna, Mary chose Amanda Seyfried!. She was still undecided for Matthew...haha!

Mary Ting/M. Clarke

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What an amazing day! Dinner, games, prizes, and a Q&A with an amazing author...what can I say!?! This was absolutely a fun and memorable event with the amazing Mary Ting! I know I have said "amazing" a lot, but, seriously, that's what comes to mind when I think about that exciting Saturday afternoon/evening. Even Mariah had a good time. We went home with our cool swag that was included with the ticket purchase...and other stuff!

Mariah got her Something Forever swag!
Something Forever swag (the gift card was an added surprise)! 
My signed Something Great Trilogy!

It was an evening of great food, great people, great fun, and great prizes! Being this was Mary Ting's first dinner party filled with lots of laughs, excitement, games, and prizes, I look forward to more fun events like this...<fingers crossed>! Mariah and I definitely enjoyed ourselves. I really enjoy getting to know and befriending amazing authors at events like this. It's always a joy to learn more about the people behind the books that I enjoy reading.

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