Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Kickstarter Project: The Looking Glass Wars - Hatter M by Frank Beddor

Ever read Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy!?! Well, I have and I absolutely loved his twist on the Alice In Wonderland story. Frank took this classic story by Lewis Carroll and took it to another level of storytelling.


The Looking Glass Wars is Available Now


I was absolutely enthralled with the story of Princess Alyss. Frank Beddor is definitely an amazing writer who weaved a Wonderland reality into this classic tale. I couldn't put the books down until I got to the very end.

On top of all that, the adventures didn't stop with this trilogy, Frank also created the Hatter M graphic novel series. Currently, there is four volumes...and he is in the process of finishing volume five. In addition to completing the Hatter M graphic novel series, Frank Beddor is also in the works of publishing his first novel in a prequel series featuring a teenage Hatter M, titled The Looking Glass Wars: Millinery Academy.

Check out Frank talk about The Looking Glass Wars and his project to raise funds to get Hatter M Volume 5 and the first novel for The Looking Glass Wars: Millinery Academy published! 

For those who have read these books and loved it knows what I mean...hahaha!!
So, let's help Frank Beddor get these books published, so that we can have it in our hands as well! We have until December 19, 2013 to reach this project's goal!

Get these exclusively on Kickstarter!

For more details & to pledge, go to: 
a Kickstarter project

Check out the Hatter M graphic novels...
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Frank Beddor at San Diego Comic Con 2013

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