Friday, July 23, 2021

VIRTUAL LAUNCH: The Story of Christina and I by Christina S. Sledge & Eward L. Sledge, Jr.

Today, we have the Virtual Launch celebrating the re-release of The Story of Christina & I by Christina and Edward Sledge! We even have an exclusive excerpt to share! So... Check out the memoir and be sure to pick up your copy today! 

Instagram Live with Christina & Edward Sledge at InkslingerPR TODAY at 8PM EST.

Publish Date:
March 28, 2021
Sledge House Media and Publishing

Lead by destiny, experience the true love story of two Brooklyn high school sweethearts as they navigate life and love. Share their heartaches and blessings. One was encircled by poverty, crime, sex, drug addition and alcoholism. The other was raised by a tight knit family, filled with happy experiences, and positive role models.

Eddie, from Flatbush and Canarsie, tries to survive in his drug and crime ridden neighborhood. While Christina is from Crown Heights destined for higher education and success, struggles to stay focused on her plan to achieve her dreams. They constantly cross paths unknowingly to finally begin their endearing love story. Their union is so powerful that they are able to conquer any obstacle they encounter and turn it into success. Their story is one of resolve and resilience.

A real-life urban fairytale that compels you to find out how they finally get to their happily ever after...



We were destined to marry each other. Our love story is a testimony to follow your hearts and listen to God’s plan for your life. We trust and support each other to achieve goals. We have also had disappointments and more than a handful of heated and hurtful arguments. We had our share of issues, such as having narcolepsy, high blood pressure, gaining and losing weight, sinus infections, allergies, injuries, surgeries, and a mini stroke. We use social media mainly for business purposes, and our family business stays in our home. We embrace the moments we share, and we continue to seek peace and patience. We know and embrace who we are, and we are comfortable with it. We understand our roles, what we need to take care of, and take the necessary steps to move forward. We know the most important parts in our marriage are trust, love, communication, and patience.


**About the Authors**
Christina and Edward live in Maryland with their two daughters. They have been happily married for more than 21 years.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Christina received an undergraduate degree from Temple University and a graduate degree from The George Washington University. Edward received an undergraduate degree from Georgia Southern University and a graduate degree from Towson University. They started Sledge House Media in 2021. Both are planning to write more books together in the future.

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