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AUDIO TOUR: The Torch That Ignites the Stars by Andrew Rowe


 Welcome to the Official Audio Tour for Andrew Rowe's The Torch That Ignites the Stars, the third installment in the Arcane Ascension series, audiobook! Today, on our tour stop, we have a short Q&A with the author AND a cool tour-wide giveaway! So... Be sure to check it out and grab your audiobook now! Follow the tour, HERE.

Young Adult
Epic Fantasy/Science Fiction
Arcane Ascension, #3
Publish Date:
May 11, 2021

Narrated by:

After concluding their first year at Lorian Heights, Corin and his friends catch a train from their native Valia to the distant country of Caelford.

For most, this would be a simple vacation. Corin has other plans:
- Meet Anabelle Farren, the eccentric owner of Farren Labs, and learn about artificial attunements.
- Seek out Warren Constantine, a previous Arbiter, for training and a potential alliance.
- Find the visage Ferras herself to seek a cure for Sera's condition.

Of course, Corin is Corin, and there's absolutely no chance he's going to be able to stick to a list. Even if he miraculously developed a sense of focus, he isn't the only one with plans....

The Blackstone Bandit. Everyone's favorite mysterious book entity. The aforementioned Farren. A vacationing professor. The mirror of a figure from Keras' past. When their plots intersect, Corin and his friends are, predictably, stuck at the center.

It's going to be a long vacation.

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*Q&A with Andrew Rowe*
1. What was the inspiration behind the Arcane Ascension series?
  1. Several things, really. I’d say the most fundamental is that I wanted to explore what a RPGish world would look like from the perspective of people living within it, and how specific game-like mechanics would influence the development of society, religion, economics, etc. For this reason, the book has a lot of game-like features – quantifiable mana values, giant dungeons with loot and respawning monsters, etc. – and the society is built with knowledge of those things, so people build their lives around it.

  2. One specific focus is on the creation of magical equipment in a setting where the process is replicable. Even in stories with hard magic, there’s generally very little detail about how magic items are made. I wanted to go into detail about the process to the extent that someone could actually imagine going through the steps, which I haven’t found to be possible in the vast majority of works.

2. Favorite characters in the series. Why?
I don’t really have one. Corin is obviously a favorite, since he’s my central protagonist. Patrick is a lovable ball of fluff. Vanniv is hilarious. Keras is my most enduring long-term character, and it’s fun to let him just dominate a situation when the kids need help.

3. Favorite book series to write. Why?
This varies depending on my mood. I tend to rotate what I want to write to avoid burning out on any given series.

4. What are you working on now?
I’m currently wrapping up a secret novella project. After that, I have several things in the works. The first item on my agenda is the fourth Arcane Ascension book, but beyond that, I’m working on my fourth Weapons & Wielders book and a variety of other new novels. I’ve described one of them as a combination between Peter Pan and a Chinese cultivation novel, for example, and another focuses on the background of one of my most famous side characters.

5. What inspires you to write, in general?
Other books, video games, movies, TV, tabletop games, LARPs…basically, any other fantasy media I’m exposed to. Then, to some degree, real life situations as well.

6. What advice would you give to aspiring, future writers/authors?
Research. Read extensively in your target subgenre before publishing. Know what readers enjoy, learn what you enjoy, and figure out a good intersection between those things.

Winner of the 2020 Stabby Award for Best Self-Published/Independent Novel
#492 in Audible Books & Originals (See Top 100 in Audible Books & Originals)
#2 in Humorous Fantasy (Audible Books & Originals)
#8 in Humorous Fantasy (Books)
#13 in Action & Adventure Fantasy (Audible Books & Originals)


Arcane Ascension series:
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**About the Author**
Photo Content from Andrew Rowe
Andrew Rowe was once a professional game designer for awesome companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Cryptic Studios, and Obsidian Entertainment. Nowadays, he's writing full time. When he's not crunching numbers for game balance, he runs live-action role-playing games set in the same universe as his books. In addition, he writes for pen and paper role-playing games.

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